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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The New Car Curse

Last February around Valentines Day (either a few days before or a few days after - it was more than a year ago, I can't flippin' remember!) hubby bought me a brand new car.

Wait, Wait, let's back up. I used to drive a Chevy Avalanche. I'm a Texas Girl. I like trucks. Chevy trucks.
BIG CHEVY TRUCKS.  Y'all should definitely know that about me. Anyway, I loved my Chevy, still miss it to this very day but gas prices were (shoot, still are) shooting through the roof and being that we're a one car family (with the exception of hubby's motorcycle which doesn't count for me) we were spending an arm and a leg for gas. We were paying damn near $100 every time we filled that sucker up and we were doing it way too often.

Okay, back to the story. Hubs bought me a brand spankin' new car. I had an instant love/hate relationship with this car. Hate(d) it because it was a car and it was not a Chevy. Love(d) it because it was brand spankin' new! I've had some really nice cars in my day (God, how old am I?!) but never one that was brand new. I was pretty excited about the whole ordeal and it didn't take me long to settle in nicely with my cute little Ford Fusion.

About a month later - I had literally just made my first car note - Hubs, the kids, and I headed out one evening for a dinner out (hubs was driving). It was still daylight out and it had been raining a little bit that day, but at the time the skies were clear. We were stopped in the middle of the road way with our left blinker on to turn into the parking lot of the restaurant when all of a sudden WHAM! We were rear ended.

Of course my first reaction is to make sure my kids were okay and they were. They were very scared and so was I. I didn't have time to think about that though because my second thought was to keep my husband from whoopin' someone's a@@.

It was a teenage driver who hit us. He claimed that he didn't even see us which is pretty much impossible unless his eyes were closed or focused on something else; most likely the case if you ask me.

A survey of the damage:

The reason I'm posting this today is because it is the one year anniversary of our accident, 04/20 (which I also suspect had something to do with the accident if you know what I mean.)

I couldn't post in detail about the accident when it happened because unfortunately it became a long drawn out process with insurance claims, lawyers, doctors, etc. Hubby and I had to see a chiropractor everyday for like 3 months straight. We still have pain from the accident. This is the original post about the accident.

My car was fixed and looking at it now you would never know that it's been wrecked. Except that I know and I hate it. I can't wait to get rid of that thing. This accident cause a ton of stress.

I am however grateful. As bad as the damage was, we were rear ended while at a complete stand still. The vehicle that hit us was a mini van and it was travelling at an estimated 45 MPH. Our accident could have been much worse. My Ford Fusion did it's job by protecting our family.

Come back tomorrow to read about the rental I drove while my car was in the shop. I've deemed it the "greatest rental car ever!"
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  1. I so feel your pain. When I was a freshman in college my little convertible was rear ended at a stoplight by a 16 year old that had had his license for less than 3 months and was racing another car. It turned into a four car wreck and we were all really lucky that no one was hurt. My car, on the other hand, was totaled. Twelve YEARS later and I'm still bitter!

  2. I'm so glad you guys were safe! I had the same thing, back in 2010- rear ended by a drunk driver, massive insurance drama, recurring neck pain ever since....except my craptastic Nissan was flat-out totaled. Your Fusion, as crumpled as the bumper was, clearly held up well to the impact. Yay!
    (Next car....a tank!)

  3. oh my happy to know you are safe but what a bummer on the new car


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