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Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Call Me Soccer Mom

Y'all remember last week when I told you all about our car accident from last year? You know, the one where my brand new car was only about two months old and we got rear ended? Well, there was one, and only one, good thing that happened out of that whole ordeal. We were blessed with the greatest rental car ever.

Here's something y'all probably don't know about me. I've been begging, I'm telling you begging, my husband to buy me a minivan since 2007. I might have a slight obsession with these beautiful beasts; I did learn to drive in a Dodge Grand Caravan after all. I just can't help but love what minivans have to offer! Spacious interior, convenient sliding doors. Oh, and a third row seat. Do you know what I could do with a third row seat? No, you pervs. I'd put my kids back there - where I can't hear 'em as good from the front! WHAT?! You know you would too. 

When my husband pulled into our driveway with this perfect specimen I about wet my pants. (Okay, that might be exaggerating a bit, but not much.) I give you - the BEST rental car EVER. 

Isn't she pretty? Okay, well if you aren't immediately smitten like I am, let me show you a few nifty little things.

Look at all that space! There's that 3rd row I was talking about! 

Oh, and check these compartments out! There was one on each side of the van and they are so roomy! Perfect to keep extra diapers, change of clothes for the kiddos, etc. Perfection.

Oh, and look! A huge trunk area! PLENTY of room for groceries, bikes, sporting equipment, etc.

And this, THIS, might be my favorite feature.

At the push of a button (from the keyless entry) both, or one, doors slide right open. Not only do they open at the push of the button, but they close too! Hello, awesome.

Then, the last part that amazed me, and that my kids LOVED:

I hear you, you're like "big freakin' deal, the windows roll down?" but y'all, windows don't usually roll down in minivans!!

Okay, now that everyone thinks I'm some kind  of crazy. My hubby has finally agreed that when we get ready to purchase a second car it can be a minivan. However, we are a one car family and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Hmmph!

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  1. We have a Grand Caravan and I LOVE it. I have three kids and I pretty much always want to have a minivan. :)


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