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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tanger Taste & Style w/Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone

This post is sponsored by Tanger Outlets. I received two free VIP passes to the Tanger Taste & Style event in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own. 

Howdy friends! So this weekend, I attended an event hosted by Tanger Outlets, and it was amazing.

I invited my mom to go with me because she is a HUGE Curtis Stone fan and I knew she would be thrilled to see him. I was right.

When we arrived at Tanger Outlets we were greeted with an assortment of food trucks to explore! I'm not exactly "hip" to the food truck scene so I was excited to test drive a few of their offerings!

Our first stop? Angie's Cake. That's my mom up there posing in front of the van! Angie was super nice and we ended up purchasing 3 cake balls for $5. We chose lemon, key lime, and ginger beer. Both the key kime and lemon were fantastic! I didn't get a chance to try the ginger beer though.

We also snagged a cupcake from Custom Confections; after noticing that they had won awards from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo the last two years in a row, I was excited to try one of their yummy looking cupcakes!

Looks good right? I wish I could say it was amazing but I was rather disappointed. It just lacked flavor in my opinion.

The final food truck we sampled from was POCKet To Me;'all. SO good! I had a pita pocket stuffed to the brim with a lightly fried fish and a fresh slaw on top. It was divine! I want one, right now, actually. Sorry, didn't get a picture, probably because I ate it too fast!

While we were waiting for the Curtis Stone event to start, my mom and I walked around a bit. We stopped and picked up a copy of Curtis' new book, What's For Dinner?

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Then we noticed that there was a photo booth set up for folks to be silly and grab a free photo op. Yea, we were all over that!

We were having a great time and before we knew it we had to rush back to our seats because it was time for Curtis to come on stage. He started off his demo by making a Berry Bramble cocktail; he kept complaining that the tool he was using to mash the ingredients was "wimpy" (see below).

I'm not a fan of wimpy things myself which is why when he brought out the glass he intended to put his drink in I felt obliged to let him know that it was a wimpy one! I did, and he agreed! 

Curtis was highlighting some of the new recipes in his book and one of the categories in that book is ten minute meals. Curtis challenged himself to create one of his 10 minute meals in just 5 minutes! Of course he needed someone from the audience to time him and he picked my mom! 

I know you can't really see the expression on her face here, but this is her shocked expression! She loves Curtis Stone y'all! Can you believe he complimented her on her shoes?! HER SHOES!!! 

You may not know this, but Curtis is a bit chatty. I didn't mind though; he was funny and has a gorgeous smile so he can talk all day long for all I care. Anyway, once my mom told him he only had three minutes left to complete this stir fry he turned up the heat. 

And this is where she peed her pants. Kidding. She does however still have that huge grin on her face even three days later. 

Handsome guy right ladies?

After the demo was over we were able to meet with Curtis and take a photo and get his autograph! This was the greatest day y'all. I've been flipping through Curtis' new book since the event and there are some amazing recipes in this book that I can't wait to try and share with y'all. 

A HUGE thank you to Tanger Outlets for putting on this great event! 
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  1. I love it, Lacey!! I'm so happy to hear ya'll had a great time. =)

  2. i'm so jealous right now I love curtis stone

  3. WOW looks like a blast---that photo opp shot is a hoot! I wonder if an event like this will be coming near me?

    1. Hey Pamela! It was so much fun! If you visit you can select the outlet center closest to you and you will be able to look at that center's event calendar and see if Curtis will be in your area! Let me know :)

  4. This was absolutely the treat of my life next to the birth of Lacey and Her Brother and my precious Grand Children! Thank you so much for making that happen my princess!!! Ladies - be sure to pick up a copy of Curtis's book - the recipes are divine, and I will be preparing each and every one of them, and will post photos and reviews on my blog! Thank you again Lacey and Tanger Outlets...Time of my life!!!!


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