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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Big Reveal

If you follow me on instagram you may remember me posting this picture a few weeks ago:

Hubby & I had finally decided it was high time we painted the exterior of our home. We had already decided that we were going to paint it a shade of grey with white trim. 

What I wasn't expecting was for him to give me clearance to choose any color I wanted for my front door! I've always talked about having a unique front door but my Dear Husband was always against the idea. As soon as he gave me the good news I jumped on Pinterest and started looking for color combos that I loved. Hence the above picture! 

I got lots of great feedback via IG and facebook but in the end, I went with my first choice. 

We painted weeks ago and now I"m ready to share with y'all. 

Ready to see?

Well first, I have to show you the "before" photos. I forgot all about taking them so hubby had already started working when I ran out with my camera in hand hollerin' for him to STOP! He didn't.

As you can see, he'd already sanded down the garage door and started with the first coat of primer. That's my neighbor "supervising!" 

Okay, now for the after.


 Our "grey" turned out to be a bit more like blue but I love it. It's absolutely beautiful and we think that it completely transformed the aesthetic of our home's exterior. I really couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out.

I knew that the green on the door was going to be bright & that it would pop. That was exactly what I was going for. I was surprised with how bright it ended up being, but again, I love it. I love driving down my street now and seeing my house from afar. With the old paint job I felt that my house was really "blah," but now, I'm proud of our home! 

What do you think? Do you like the bright pop of my green door? 
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  1. Wow this looks really good!!!!! I love the colors you chose! It looks like a brand new house!

  2. Oh it's AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. LOVE it! The gray is beautiful but that door, swoooooon. We live in a neighborhood with really strict rules and even if I got the Mr. to say yes to something so fun, our whole neighborhood would have to vote on it. How crazy is that?

  4. I love it!Amazing!
    giveaway on my blog.

  5. I’m getting the itch to paint our door too! I would like a turquoise color, but not sure Hubby would go for that. I love your colors!!!!

  6. Love those colors, turned out great!


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