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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Excuse My French

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*Sigh*... So, I have been stalling around, avoiding writing this post for a few days now because I didn't even really want to talk about it. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it...but it's on my mind and I need to share...

In February, my husband bought me a brand spanking new car. I'd never had a brand new, never owned before car and I was ecstatic. 

Well y'all, my new car is newly fucked up. Excuse my French. 

We were rear ended on Friday night. My entire family was in the car. My babies were in the car. I thought my husband was going to go to jail for assault. He NEVER touched the guy, but it came close, A FEW TIMES.   

Neither my husband nor I have ever been in a car accident before as vehicle owners/drivers. Let me tell y'all, this is a pain in the rear. Insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, phone call after phone call. I don't like this B.S.

We've hired a lawyer because we can foresee some issues arising with this situation, so I can't give y'all the nitty gritty right now. Everyone is mostly okay though.

Hopefully soon I can share all the pictures of my poor car, all busted up!! 

I'm so sad over all of this!! My poor babies had to go through the trauma of being in a car accident. My sweet Addison had to learn the hard way why Mommy always makes her "stuck" in her car seat. 
Tough way to learn a lesson, right?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Promise.

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The weather has been beautiful around here the last few days, about as beautiful as it gets; highs in the mid 80s, no humidity, light winds.  

Okay, I promise not to talk to you about weather today.

ANYHOW, I figured we should soak up some sun outside while it was still tolerable so McHubby & I took the kiddos to the park yesterday afternoon. I was pretty surprised to see it deserted. 

I was really hoping the kids would wear themselves out run and play but all they wanted to do was swing! So there we are, McHubby pushing the little guy and me pushing Miss Priss when she says to me, "Mom, I think it's time that I push YOU on the swing!" Ummm, okay, small fry, give it your best shot! Hey, I'm a good sport and if it gets me off the hook for a minute I'm in. 

"Mom, I will only push you if you promise to swing your legs back and forth so you will go really high." 

Don't you just love how she is making it sound like I asked her to push me??

"Sweetie, I PROMISE."

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Free "No Pass" Pass

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While at lunch with my darling husband on Saturday I told him that I'd recently read stories of couples having a "Free Pass List" consisting of celebrities. Basically if you were to ever be propositioned by a celebrity on your list you would get a "FREE PASS" to bang the daylights out of them have a nice romantic lunch date with them.

I thought Hubby and I should make a list too! He stared at me in disbelief like, "Are you really interrupting the silence while I chew my burrito for that?" Why yes, yes I am. I implied told him straight up that if he didn't make a list of his own that I would make one up for him and that it would not be pretty. He obliged. 

Except this one thing...He says even though I have a list, I don't get a free pass. W.T.F? That ain't right! 
I will get my pass. 

Here's the hubby's list:

 Christina Aguilera - He likes her just a little bit dirty.

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Jennifer Aniston - In her 'Friends' days

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Eva Mendes - He says the only way I'm getting a pass is if it's with her! (Count Me In!)

Photo Credit

Pam Anderson -Before Hepatitis C

Photo Credit

Kitty Foreman (Debra Jo Rupp) - He once confided to me that he'd always had a crush on her and I refuse to let it go!

Photo Credit

Not TOO bad. Except for that dirty girl + the one with Hepatitis C. 

My Way More Impressive List

Blake Shelton - Because I'm obsessed with those blue eyes and his dark curls!

Photo Credit

Gerard Butler - I really don't think this needs any explanation?

Photo Credit

Benjamin Bratt - I don't really know what it is about this man - his smile, his yummy muscles?

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Paul RuddI fell in love with him watching 'Clueless' 5 times a day in jr. high.

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Stephen Colletti - Didn't care for him on Laguna Beach/The Hills BUT on One Tree Hill - Holy Wow! I love his dimples.

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Channing Tatum - Have you seen him with his shirt off? Look at those lips! The man is perfect.

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Y'all it was SO.HARD. to whittle this little list down. As you can see, I have SIX and the hubby only got 5. I started with at least 10. I probably could have gone on for days!

So tell me, who would you put on your list?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

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I gotta say this weekend was one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time! Everyone was all trippin about Friday being the 13th, blah blah blah. Friday the 13th and the few days after have always been really lucky for me! This particular Friday the 13th, April 13th, was my BFF's birthday! 

That's us at Rodeo Houston 2012
That lucky duck went to the casino on Saturday and won $350!! She is SO taking me shopping soon. 

I spent all last week stuck in the house, sick sick sick. When Saturday finally rolled around I was barely feeling alive again so my DH drug me out of the house. The in laws watched the monsters little darlings for a bit while we did some shopping. We are currently looking for a replacement wedding band for my husband since he LOST his. I will tell you that story soon, promise.

Anyhow, I decided to treat myself to a little something too.

Pardon my jacked up photo!
I rarely buy anything for myself, but I've decided it's time to change that. I thought  a little Victoria's Secret shopping would be a great way to kick things off! The lotion, body wash and fragrance mist pictured is Pure Seduction. Holy WOW, it smells SO good!

The Hubs & I even had a little lunch date! Much needed and very nice.

So Sunday morning I was feeling almost like myself again and I decided I'd better do something productive while the feeling lasted. I settled on boring ol chores. I was cleaning my room like a good little girl and listening to the radio to help make it bearable. You guys are NEVER going to believe this..

One of the local country radio stations, The New 93Q, is giving away tickets to the Brothers of the Sun Tour with these two Hottie McHotties as headliners:

Hottie McHottie 1 & Hottie McHottie 2

Guess who WON 2 tickets to the show? THIS GIRL! Holy Crap y'all, it's a damn miracle to even get through to the radio station, let alone be the 9th caller (in this case) and WIN! BUT I DID WIN, and I'm doing a happy dance all the way to the show!!! 

Has anyone ever won tickets to a concert from a radio station before? I just wonder if they seats are going to be AMAZING or lackluster.

So like I said, it's been a good (and lucky!) weekend for me! What did you do this weekend? Did Friday the 13th bring you luck or the opposite? Or was it just another day?

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oooh Looky Looky!

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Look what I FINALLY got!!!

I'm SO excited!! 
Ah, the ease & convenience of a coffee maker :)
You DO know what this means right?? 

©..And They Call Me Mommy,2012.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Blog Award?! Me!?

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That was my reaction when I realized Lindsay wasn't pulling my chain when she commented that she'd nominated me for a blog award! Thanks Lindsay!

Needless to say I'm feeling super special right now because this is my FIRST blog award EVER. I've been blogging for a good bit now, but this blog is still very new and it feels great to be awarded!

Now, I'd like to share the love and nominate a few well deserving bloggers:

Don't be confused, nominees! 

Now, 5 random facts about ME :) 

  1. I take ridiculously  long showers. We're talking 45 minute minimum.
  2. I broke my front teeth when I was 11,  mere hours before my mom went into labor with my brother.
  3. I used to write poetry in Jr. High. Some of it even got published!
  4. I am the World's.Biggest.Procrastinator.
  5. I have always dreamed of being a barrel racer!

©..And They Call Me Mommy,2012. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Kids Don't Play With Guns

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Our kids don't play with guns. Not water guns, not Nerf guns, not pretend battle weapon guns. My husband and I never sat down when our kids were little and said "hey, the kids aren't going to play with guns"  but we've also just never said "hey, let's go get the kids some toy guns!" 

Today while at my in laws house my youngest, my boy, found a water gun in the sandbox. He came running to  his Daddy showing him what he'd found. He proceeded to hold the gun properly making "Psshahaaa" noises (don't ask me, I dunno!) and pretending to shoot the gun, at least that is what it looked like. We were really surprised considering he'd never seen anything like that. It must be a boy thing right? Anyway, my father in law was in pure disbelief that our kids, especially our boy, didn't have ANY guns at home!! He just couldn't believe it! 

Now I played with toy guns when I was a kid. There were plenty of squirt guns and I"m fairly certain I remember a holster set with a 6 shooter and those paper cap things. We, as their PARENTS, just don't feel as though our kids need them. When James found the gun today, we didn't take it away. We let him play with it because it's We just don't want it to be a part of his, nor Addison's every day play. We have a hard enough time keeping them from hitting, kicking, pushing, and biting each other! The last thing we need are darts flying through the air at their heads!

So what's the big deal? We don't let our kids play with guns, SO WHAT? We don't think it's appropriate for children to run around pretending to shoot each other (or really shooting each other in the case of the Nerf guns). I don't think that is so crazy. They are small children and they don't understand that REAL guns hold REAL danger. Maybe when they are a little older I might feel differently. At this point, I don't feel like they are missing anything. 

So what's your take on kids playing with toy guns? Do you allow your children to play with them? Do you deliberately buy them for your children? Am I depriving my children of a childhood right to play 'Cops & Robbers' or 'Cowboys & Indians'? 

My little dude after a few hours with the water hose, sand box AND squirt gun!

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