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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On Buying A New Home

I mentioned to y’all a few months ago that my husband and I hope to sell our home this year and in turn buy a new home.  We haven’t quite reached that point yet; we are still, slowly but surely, working through our list of home repairs. Y’all saw the big house reveal didn’t you? While we aren’t ready to make that leap and put our house on the market yet, we have been talking more about our options lately.

My taste in homes differs a lot from my husband’s tastes. He would be happy in something that is brand new from the foundation up. While I totally get the lure of a brand new home, I’m personally drawn to older homes in more established neighborhoods.  

Then we found out that our current neighbors were building a brand new home in a neighborhood that I already know and love; a neighborhood that is very well established and “right up my alley” if you will. I’ve watched my neighbors go through this process over the last few months and it was practically painless for them. They had a great experience and they are now happy in their new home, and I’m sad without my neighbors (that’s a whole other post).

Needless to say, their home building process has my husband and I considering newly built homes rather  than already existing homes. Luck for my husband, it’s not hard to come up with good reasons for buying a brand new home.

New builds are more energy efficient than older homes; some builders even build with specialized products that are more eco friendly, but just having brand new windows and doors would make a difference in anyone’s heating and cooling costs. I’d love to have new windows in our current home; our home was built in 1979 (it’s older than me!) and I’m fairly certain the windows have never been replaced. Replacing them would cost a pretty penny, one that we don’t have!

The other thing that I’ve grown to love about newly built homes is that we could trade our “to-do list” in for a “want to-do” list. Listen, I’m a woman and there are a lot of things that I want. What? It’s true and you know it! My poor husband, he is such a trooper! I’ve always got some crazy DIY idea to try and typically he just goes with it. Unless of course he has things that he “needs” to do – like fix the tile in the kitchen or replace the siding on the back of the house. Yes, those are two things that we’ve been working on around here lately and it has put off some of the projects that I’ve wanted to do because those things had to be done first. Well, my smart husband made a point to tell me that if we built a brand new home that everything would already be done to our specifications. There would be no more what we “need” to do, just what we “want” to do. As a woman, doing what I want sure appeals to me! 

You can find more information about buying a new home here. While you are there enter to win a grand prize of $10,000. (Hello down payment on a house!!)

So I want to know, what do y’all think? New home or existing home? Why?

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  1. I kind of agree with you in prefering the older established neighborhoods. I feel like those houses have personality moreso than new. But you can't argue with the fact that stuff won't need fixing or upgrading for a while in a new home. Tough call!!

  2. I honestly think that older homes have more charm and charachter if you choose the right home, however, having been down the NEW FROM THE GROUND UP road twice - there is a lot to be said for that as well! I think that either choice will be fine - when you find the right home, you will know it - as soon as you walk in the door - it's just a feeling you get - and you can't stop thinking about it! And all that matters to me is that you and hubby and the kids are happy - and not too far from me!!! XOXO!!


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