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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In {Week 11}

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Howdy Y'all! I took a little break from blogging yesterday to try and recover from our rodeo shenanigans on Monday (more about that later!) but I'm back now and it's time for Wednesday Weigh In!

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I honestly didn't even want to do this today - I"m just not feeling it for some reason. Then I said to myself, "Cowgirl Up Woman!" I'm in a rodeo frame of mind still, if you can't tell! 

I was pretty sure this was going to be a rough week since I was so tempted on Monday to eat all that fried goodness that is rodeo food, but I resisted! I had a few beers and  a few bites of cotton candy but that was it!
C'mon, I deserve a pat on the back for that y'all!! 

Whoop! I lost the .2 lbs. that I gained last week plus an additional .2 lbs. It's not much but it is a loss and I'm okay with that. I was hoping for more, but obviously I didn't make that happen. I've finally reached my first little goal of losing 5 lbs. but I'm really hoping to break 200 sometime this month

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  1. Congrats... No matter how small the loss, it's still a loss. Way to go!

  2. .2lbs is .2lbs lighter than you were! I really need to hop back on my diet train and get back to working out. Why does weightloss have to be so hard?!

    Hope you're having a wonderful hump day pretty lady!

    xo, Ashley

  3. Atta girl! Every little bit matters. Way to keep with it. :)

  4. A lose is a lose....CELEBRATE that girl! You are sticking to it & that's all that matters! Keeping rockin on rock star!

  5. Great job girl. You are almost to one hundred land!! Ahhh!!

  6. yay for 5 pounds!

  7. Great job & totally great work on Monday's self-control! You will be rockin' out onderland soon!

  8. Any loss is great! Good thing you "Cowboyed up" or you would have never known that you had a loss. Before you know it, you will be in 'One'derland.

  9. Go girl!! As they say, slow and steady wins the race. :)

  10. hey, a lose is a lose! celebrate the small victories is what i say :)


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