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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommy Brain

This weekend was very low key again, and I"m so thankful. The only thing I did on Saturday was meet with my financial advisor/tax guy (sounds scary right?) which was actually, dare I say, enjoyable. More on that later. I got some much needed rest on Sunday; that afternoon I decided to finish one of my DIY projects from last weekend but I got the worst headache. It was so bad that I felt nauseous. AWFUL! I hadn't been drinking as much water as usual and I think that may have been the culprit of the horrible ache. 

I did come to the conclusion over the weekend that I have a little condition that I like to call "Mommy Brain." I call it that because I don't remember having this issue until I became a parent.

You see, it seems as if my mind is swirling in a million different directions all the time. If you could step inside my thoughts for just a moment you'd hear something like this:

"Okay, kid A needs this and kid B is crying. Oh, I need X from the grocery store, I'd better write that down, right after I let the dog out. Oh, I need to pee and my coffee cup is empty, better brew another cup while I"m in the kitchen - that will save steps. Almost out of coffee -where is that grocery list and what else was I supposed to put on it? On my way to the bathroom I'd hear the timer go off on the dryer and I'd run out to get it because I don't want my clothes to wrinkle! Kid B is crying, Kid A is hungry so I leave the laundry in the basket to tend to them. I'm still thinking to myself - I need to write that post and promote that giveaway. Crap! I have a mtg. today! Oh, and it's Wednesday so Duck Dynasty comes on tonight. Awesome! Shit! Kid B just peed his underroos - potty training sucks! Poor dog still hasn't made it outside, I've got no coffee in my cup, I still need to pee, and my laundry is wrinkled."

I'm like this all day long; I can't focus long enough to get any one thing done and it seems like my "to do list" never ends. Making tangible lists does help - but really - I shouldn't have to write down "go pee!" Mommy brain causes me a lot of stress and frustration.

The worst is when I lie down every night to get some sleep. The moment my head hits the pillow...BAM! Every little thing that crossed my mind that day immediately floods my mental inbox. It's seriously insane! Until all of those thoughts have been written down on paper or the task at hand has been completed, I cannot sleep.  

As a matter a fact, I wrote this post in the middle of the night, along with three others, because I couldn't stop thinking about these ideas rolling around in my head! 

I'm telling you, this mommy brain business is total madness.

Do you suffer from "mommy brain?" 

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  1. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I TOTALLY know where you are coming from!!! I ALWAYS say I delivered the 1st 1/2 of my memory with the 1st kid & the 2nd 1/2 with the 2nd kid. I say I have THE BEST memory, because I write EVERYTHING down. IF you don't see me write it down, it's not going to happen & I won't remember it. I also say I won't remember stuff past my next blink.

    And do you know how many times my blog posts start out as drafts a few days before I plan to post cause I'll think of something I want to blog about & don't want to forget it???

    I say all that to say: you are NOT alone!!!!!!

  2. That wonder woman thing is too funny! I worry for myself when I am a mommy because I already am super forgetful, lol!


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