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Friday, March 1, 2013

Photography Friday {Take Three}

The weather around here has been seriously dreary lately; it's either cold, raining, or cold and raining. The kids and I have been stuck in the house almost nonstop for one reason or another and I think we've all had it up to here. 
(Do y'all know that expression?)

A few weeks ago it was raining out, a slow drizzle, and it wasn't too chilly. I was sitting at my desk working and 
I thought to myself, "why are we not outside, playing in the rain??" 

It's important to me to teach my children to live in the moment. Enjoy life's little things. Appreciate the world around them. 
My first lesson for them was to play in the rain. 

The children were thrilled. These aren't my best pictures. In fact, some of them are kind of awful if  you are looking at the quality of each shot (or whatever). However, if you look a little closer you will see the sheer joy in my children's faces. 
To me, that makes these photos priceless.


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