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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Texas Tuesday - Wimberley, TX

Hey y'all! Today I'm co hosting the Texas Tuesday link up with the lovelies Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle and Crystal from Next to Heaven. Texas Tuesday is all about sharing our love of all things Texas with you!

Princess of the Panhandle

So today, I wanted to tell y'all about this sleepy little tourist town in the Texas Hill Country - Wimberley. Every summer since I was just a little girl my family and I have made the short drive from Houston to Wimberley for a little family vacation. That's when my obsession with this place started - then I went to college just a town away in San Marcos. I may have spent more time in Wimberley than San Marcos. (Oops) 
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Wimberley is a small town (about 3800 people!) full of amazing people. As small as it is, there is no shortage of fun things to do. Here are some of our favorites!

So there are about 20 wineries within a short driving distance to the Wimberley square. Hellooo I love wine! We love going to the wineries and touring the facilities and of course wine tasting! 
One of our favorites is the Duchman Family Winery. The owners and staff are just plain amazing and the wine - well - it's good!! 

One of the biggest draws for me is the water. If you've never "tubed the river" in Texas - y'all are missing out. This is what it looks like on a busy summer day.

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Now this portion of the river isn't in Wimberley but there are plenty of places to tube or enjoy a swim! As a matter of fact, the best place to cool off in Wimberley is the Blue Hole! The town did a huge overhaul of this area in the last two years so it is nothing like what it was when I was a kid - but it just might be better! Back in the day it was just a swimming hole! Now there are park facilities like playgrounds, trails, basketball courts and more. The real attraction is the water though - which stays FREEZING year round! Okay, not really freezing, but even on a hot summer day in June, my husband had a hard time staying in it! I personally love it though! Isn't it beautiful?

I can't end this post without telling you about my two favorite places to eat in the Wimberley area! 
First up, Brewster's Pizza! The place is owned and operated by Bruce Collie, a former NFL football player, his wife & their 13 kids! They have, HANDS DOWN, the very best pizza and hot wings I have EVER eaten. Hubs and I often talk about just driving up for the afternoon to grab lunch. I'm serious, it's that good! Bruce also started the Wimberley Brewing Company, which is connected the restaurant. The beer is uhmazzing. You really can't go wrong with good beer, good pizza, and good wings. The place is always super busy every time we go BUT it's huge and there is plenty of room without feeling crowded. Yea, I need some Brewster's Pizza, stat! 

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The second place you have to visit if you are in the area is the Salt Lick! This is really close to the Duchman Winery - may I suggest wine tasting then barbecue? That's what we do. This barbecue is famous. You may have even seen it on t.v. on one of those food travel shows or something - I have, just can't remember which one. Anyway, this is the best barbecue you will ever eat. PROMISE. If you can't get your tail to the restaurant (there are multiple locations) you can order online! There, now you have no excuses! 

Random side note - The Salt Lick has really really good pickles! Bonus: They make them themselves!

There is so much to do in this little part of Texas - I couldn't cover it in a series of 10 extra long blog posts! If you ever have the chance to visit I suggest you jump on it! If you need more tips o things to do, holla at me!

Do you have a post about Texas? Link it up!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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  1. I love this!!! I have never been to Brewster's, I will have to go!! We have it all in Texas!!!!

  2. First of all, thank you for linking up/cohosting with us! Secondly - my hubby and I have been wanting to go to Wimberley...even more so now! Thanks for sharing about this little gem of a town.

  3. WOW! Tubing the river looks SO fun. We have something similar here...but definitely not as wide. Makes for a great summer activity!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    The Hartungs Blog

  4. I was a cohost last week and one of the places I talked about wanting to visit was Wimberley so that I could go to Jacob's Well. Have you ever been there? The Blue Hole looks very beautiful! Too bad it's 4.5 hours from me! That pizza looks AWESOME!

  5. Obviously, I am never coming to Texas because I'd never leave. That food! That beautiful river! Oh and did I say THE FOOD?! Ahhhh, YUM!

  6. My and my man JUST spent a weekend in Wimberley 2 weeks ago. It was my first time and it was awesome! We also want to retire there and live fulltime there in a future. See ya there!

  7. OBVIOUSLY way behind on my blog reading. LOVE learning more about your town!!!!


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