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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap {and the best margaritas ever!}

Y'all must think I'm crazy because I'm always happy when Monday rolls around. I like my week day routine and it always feels good to get back to it after a wild (ha!) weekend.

This weekend was pretty great though. My Uncle came into town from Tennessee. We hardly ever get to see him so it was a real treat. We spent too much time eating; we went to dinner both Friday and Saturday night. I didn't complain one bit though because A) I didn't have to cook and B) I thouroughly enjoyed these:

Saturday was spent cleaning house and reminding my husband to finish his honey do's! He added extra shelves to my pantry and cabinets in the kitchen. I desperately need more space, but the shelves will definitely help.

My darling husband, bless his heart, realized sometime Saturday that he misplaced his debit card. We called the restaurant we'd eaten at the night before but they insisted that they didn't have it. He ended up cancelling his card and ordering a new one so now we are down to just my card. A few years ago he lost his debit card but didn't realize it for a few days. By the time he figured it out, someone had found his card and used it to purchase about $400 worth of groceries. The bank never did give us our money back. I'm sure you will all understand when I tell you I'm thinking about taking his card from him! :)

I've also been working REALLY hard trying to potty train James. He knows what to do, and he has no problem doing it but we are having a hard time getting him to remember to go to the restroom instead of in his underroos. He did really well all weekend long - only three accidents. He even went to the restroom three times at the restaurant Saturday night - and he actually went each time! A work in progress, but I"m hopeful that the end of diapers are in my very near future!

Sunday evening I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that I'd need for the week. After about an hour in the grocery store, I'm completely checked out. I open my wallet to pay, and guess what is missing? My debit card. Of course, you know who has it! I called my husband and told him to get dressed because I'd be home in a moment and he was going to need to take his rear end back up to the store to pick up our groceries! Talk about mad!

Anyhow, I asked all of my instagram friend over the weekend if anyone used myfitnesspal:

If you use myfitnesspal I'd love it if y'all would add me over there! I could use the support & accountability :) On a good note, as of today I've logged for five days straight!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. That margarita looked mighty good! My Hubby loses his card several times a year. He leaves it at restaurants even more often- annoying. Hopefully his new card will come ASAP and what a bummer on losing out on $400- boo! Best of luck with potty training!

  2. Oh my goodness, I bet that was awful to open your wallet and realize your debit card was missing and that you'd have to wait on him to come! Yikes!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lacey! These beer- Rita's are the best! Oh, how I miss them : )


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