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Monday, February 18, 2013

{DIY} Chalkboard Jars

I mentioned recently that I did a lot of projects over the holidays to use as Christmas gifts for my extended family. We have a really large family and there is no way we could ever afford to purchase gifts for each and every person. I really wanted to do something for everyone this year, you know, spread the love so I turned to my DIY "skills."

I made these fun chalkboard jars for all of the guys. I have a hard time throwing anything away so I already had a bunch of jars on hand; this project cost me almost nothing!

The hardest part of this entire project was getting the labels off! I tried several things: I boiled them in hot water, used a razor blade, rubbing alcohol. Nothing worked. I called my husband and he says, "oh you need this stuff called goof off, it will get anything off of anything!" Gee hubs, thanks for telling me now after I've spent a day and half struggling!

Anyhow, I bought the Goof Off and this stuff is amazing! It took just a little bit to get each label off. A miracle, I'm telling you!

Once I got all of the labels off I taped the jars to get them ready for paint. I used a chalk board spray paint and I did two coats on each jar. There is also a brush on paint available. 

I also spray painted all of the lids red. I would recommend using some sort of primer because it took several coats to cover the lettering on the different lids :)

Once the jars are dry you can remove the tape and compose your message! 

I will say that I tried to use a clear coat on one of the jars to seal the message I had written - that did not work. The clear coat just "brushed" the chalk off of the jar. What a mess :) 

This was project took quite a bit of time and patience but I think that is because I did so many jars at once. In the end I was able to present a thoughtful and useful gift to all of the guys in my life.
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  1. Super cute! I want to make some of these now.

  2. What an adorable project! I'm going to start fishing jars out of the recycle bin. My two girls would love making these! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  3. This is a really cute idea! I've never tried using chalkboard paint but it looks fun! (Well, the finished product, maybe not the process...haha). I also love how you recycled old jars.
    Jeans and a Teacup

  4. It looks time consuming, but very cute!!!


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