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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All About Me {A 2 Z}

Since there are so many new faces around here (and I'm so glad there are!) I thought that it would be a good idea to do an "about me" post of some sort. Many of you probably don't know a thing about me and we can't have that! 

I've seen similar A-Z posts on other blogs and thought they were fun so I decided to run with that idea here as well. Ready?

A ~ Age: Don't y'all know it's not polite to ask a woman her age? Regardless, I'm gonna tell you anyway because sometimes I forget how old I am. It's ridiculous that I have to be all, "okay, it's 2013 and I was born in 1985 so subtract 1985 from 2013 and what do you get? Oh yea, old.
Kidding (about the old part), I'm only 28! I do however forget frequently! 

B ~ Bed size: We have a queen but sleeping with my husband makes it feel more like a full. Am I complaining? Hell yea I am. The man thinks he has to sleep Like seriously, I can't even breathe sometimes! I'm working on getting him to agree that we need a bigger bed. Not that it's going to help anything ;)

 C ~ Chore you hate: Is this for real? Am I supposed to like any chores? Because I don't. I hate them all. I need a cleaning fairy or a cleaning lady or whatever will get the job done without having to do it myself. Yes, I realize I know sound incredibly lazy, but I don't care. Chores suck.

D ~ Dogs: Our one and only, beloved LuLu! She is a 10 year old pug mix and she has fit perfectly into our home since we adopted her around 3 years ago. 

E ~ Essential start to your day: A full coffee cup. I used to drink coffee on occasion, but for the last several months I literally cannot function until I"ve had my first cup. It's like my "me time" every morning. 

F ~ Favorite color: Oh, I don't know. I go through phases with colors. I consistently like bright and bold colors. Right now I love everything orange and turquoise but not necessarily those two together. 

G ~ Gold or Silver: I used to hate gold jewelry. I wouldn't wear anything but silver, or white gold, or the like. Then, my husband proposed to me with a ring that was two tone and then all of my gold hatred melted away forever :)

H ~ Height: I've been told I'm fun sized, because I'm so short! That's kind of weird now that I think about it.. Anyway, I'm 5'2 on a good day. 

I ~ Instruments you play: Do the buttons on my stereo count? No, I didn't think so. I always wanted to learn to play the saxsaphone but I never did. 

J ~ Job Title: the BOSS. duh. I have so many job titles that it would take more than 27 letters of the alphabet to list them all. Y'all ladies know what I mean. 

K ~ Kids: I have two beautiful and bratty children that I love more than life itself. Addison is my girl and my oldest - she is 5. James is my baby boy and he is 3! 

L ~ Live: Live what? Live well? Live loudly? Live long? Just live.

M ~ Married: Almost 6 years! As a matter of fact, tomorrow (02/14/13) is our engagement anniversary! Tomorrow marks 7 years ago that he popped the question. As a side note, I think it is so cheesy when guys propose on Valentine's Day, yet I was proposed to on Valentine's Day.

N ~ Nicknames: Ladybug, Renea, Mom, Lace, Missy, Babe, Lacey Lou. 

O ~ Overnight hospital stays: Just twice; I stayed a few days when I gave birth to each of my children. I give thanks to large babies and c sections. NOT.

P ~ Pet peeve: Drama Queens. Those who expect things to be done for them. Cowards. 

Q ~ Quote: "I say what I mean and I mean what I say" 
(and those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind) 
I live by this y'all. If I have something to say I'm going to say it. I have plenty of tact, but I'm not going to sugar coat things either. I spent too much of my life being nice and trying to make sure everyone else was happy and all it got me was stressed and unhappy myself. I don't run around being rude or crass, like I said, I have tact. Just don't expect me to hold back when you ask for my opinion or put yourself out there. That's not me. 

R ~ Righty or Lefty: I'm always right, just ask my husband ;)

S ~ Siblings: I have two younger brothers, both of whom I adore. My relationship with one of my brothers is basically non existent because of the life choices he is making, but I still love him and I hope that he wakes up before it is too late. 

T ~ Time you wake up: Assuming I actually go to sleep? It's usually around 7:15 when the first kiddo wakes up. If they sleep in, you might find me sleeping in too. I wake up when I wake up.

U ~ University attended: Southwest Texas State University!! Now known as Texas State University - San Marcos. Best college/town ever. Biased opinion, but whatever.

V ~ Vegetables you dislike: I really don't like peppers very much, but I'll eat them if they are chopped up really small or in certain dishes. I pretty much love my veggies. 

W ~ What makes you run late: haha the fact that I'm a complete procrastinator. Like the worst ever. 

X ~X-rays you've had: My leg, that time I jumped out of a moving car at the age of 5. My  mouth, that time I broke my two front (adult!) teeth when I was 11. My back/neck that time we got rear ended in my brand new car that I'd only had for like, a month.

Y ~ Yummy food: My faves? Any kind of carbs but especially bread and pasta. Damn it. Now I want bread and pasta! 

Z ~ Zoo animal favorite: The sea lions are my favorite. Always have been. I'm not sure why, but to me, they are so cute and I really want to cuddle them. 

Now that you know more than you ever wanted to know about me, tell me something about you!
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  1. Oh THANKS Lacey! Loved getting to know you a little better!!!!

  2. What????? You are a bobcat too?!? Okay, I knew I loved you for a reason!! Ross and I graduated from there too! Best 4 years of my life! I was a Delta Zeta there!! Good times!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love the Q&A things! So fun.

    If you are old at 28 then I'm ancient because I'm turning 30 next week. AHHH! ;)

    Love you job title ... The boss! Ha!!

  4. Great minds think a like! You made me laugh out loud girl! I love it!

  5. I love the way you write your blog. :) Good getting to know you. I feel old too and I'm only 26. Kids will do that to you. lol


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