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Friday, February 15, 2013

Happies + Crappies

I had so much fun last week linking up with Sarah & Stephanie for Happies & Crappies that I decided to do it again this week. This could be a new thing for me y'all!
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Just like last week, I'm going to start off with my Crappies so that we can end on a good note! 


Potty Training
My little guy is doing sooo good y'all, but potty training sucks.

My 17 year old brother got arrested, AGAIN.
I plan to talk about this more in length at a later time but I wanted to note that many of you may have seen me interacting with my brother on instagram. I have two brothers, and the one you see making fun of me nonstop on IG, @jworthan93, is my oldest baby brother. He is also not the brother who got arrested. In fact, he's never been arrested. In fact in fact, he is awesomesauce and he is single all you (younger) ladies! Just sayin'.

Hubby didn't get the job he interviewed for last week 
(or the week before? I can't remember.)
While somewhat crappie, I'm still convinced that this is a blessing in disguise!


I fell in love with a new Margarita!

A whopping 1.6 lbs. y'all, but I don't care. I worked hard for that & I've been using every day and I feel so good about the changes I'm making! 

My beautiful sister in law got engaged!!

I felt the love on Valentine's Day!
My Dad & Stepmom brought over pizza & goodies for the kids.
My Mom brought over cupcakes for all!
My hubby brought me gorgeous flowers.
I felt so very blessed and loved from my family. Thank you.

We got our tax return!! 
Can I get a woohoo for paying off some bills!?

I made a small step towards getting some major dental work done!
When I was 11 I had an accident that destroyed my front two teeth. That day was the first time I'd ever even seen a dentist. It was a very traumatic experience. My teeth were repaired but it was only a temporary fix; since I was so young my teeth were still growing & shifting so I was told I'd need more work done in the future. For many years I've let fear and finances stand in the way of having a pretty smile, but no more! I'm going to (somehow) overcome my anxiety of sitting in that dentist's chair and I'm going to get this work done! 

 I hope all of you have had a happier than crappier week! 
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  1. I'm sorry about your brother. I know how difficult that can be.

    Congrats on the weight loss! That's great, girl! And I hope the dentist trip goes well once you get to it! :)

  2. Praying for those downs AND for your dental stuff. I love how you end on the Happies so you CAN leave the post focused on the positive! I'm enjoying getting to know you more & more!


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