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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday Listicles

Happy Monday!! I'm excited about this up coming week. I'm working on a lot of projects (which means my mind is everywhere & no where all at once!) and I'm jumping in feet first!

This week on Monday Listicles we're talking birthdays which is perfect because both of my babies are turning a year older very soon (*tear*).
Without further adieu...

10 Reasons Why I Go Over Board For My Kids' Birthdays

10) Because it's FUN & I enjoy it.
9) I love finding my creative side.
8) My kid's LOVE helping to plan their own parties.
7) It makes them feel SPECIAL.
6) They know this day is important to me too.
5) Their smiles when it all comes together.
4) To create amazing memories
3) To give them EXACTLY what they want, even if it is for just one day.
2) The excitement.

I hate it when people judge others because they give their children lavish or over the top birthday parties. I"m one of those moms and I have my reasons (see above!). I'm not doing it to be at the top of some leader board.

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  1. That is awesome. Specially the fact your kiddos know it is a big day for you too. Lovely list!

  2. What a fantastic list!!! I will admit that I love putting together an awesome birthday party for my son too. I want him to know that I put a lot of thought and love into his celebration because he is important to me, and I want to celebrate him.

  3. I used to plan fun birthday parties when my oldest was little....Seems things have gotten so busy the younger ones haven't gotten all the hoopla. I should try to change that this year.

  4. I am glad you feel that sort of love and affection for your children. That is what birthdays should really be about (or in my case just ignored).

  5. I have a theory - could be wrong - but seems like most of us moms carry on whatever birthday tradition was celebrated by our moms. I'm with you - my mother really went all out w. our birthdays so I do the same w. my kids - and frankly I really enjoy it! But lots of my friends moms just keep it very low-key and don't have parties at home - and that's the way they grew up, too. So maybe this birthday thing is genetic!

  6. @Brandee - that is exactly what I'm saying! :)

    @Wayne & @Ado -- growing up I felt like my birthdays weren't a big deal to anyone except for me. Eventually I stopped feeling like it was an important day too. I still feel like it is just another day. I don't ever want my kids to feel like their birthday isn't important and special.

  7. Your list could be my list! Exactly! I read Ado's comment and I have to disagree a bit. My birthdays were stressful, not-so-much-fun events growing up and I think I am acting in reaction to that, BUT only because I want to and it is fun dang it!


  8. right there with you- though mine is only 2.5 and i may be singing a different tune in 5 years or so. ;)

  9. I love that you go all out for their birthdays! And that they know its an important day for you too :)I buy my mom flowers every year for my birthday, cause really she did all the work

  10. You provided perfect reasons to go all out for birthdays. Of course I think the best reasons are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7!

  11. I just attribute my birthday planning overload to the fact I'm crazy, but perhaps there is something to genetics. My mom and dad always made a big deal about our birthdays, and in turn I'm doing the same.
    Right there with ya, sister!

  12. I"m so glad y'all like to throw awesome birthday parties too, whatever your reasons :)

  13. Lucky children and lucky you to have each other. Do what is best for your family, and most important ENJOY each moment. Little things from childhood mean the most to me now. I remember getting to pick my birthday dinner. That was big deal to me...I am one of 6 kids. I even remember my favorite gift as a preschooler...Fingerpaints!

  14. New to blogging and found your blog! It's ADORABLE :) I am your newest follower!

  15. @Anne --- Well Yay!!! Glad you found your way over here, so glad to have you!

    I'm gonna pop over and snoop out your spot :)


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