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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Listicles

Happy Monday! I have to say, it's been an excellent Monday so far and we all know that is not normal! I'm still recovering from my emotional wreckage this weekend and I'd be a lot better if my husband would just stop bringing it up! Either way, I have so much to be thankful for and lucky for me today's listicles are all about 'thanks'.

1) Thanks to my playgroup moms for being so welcoming and making me feel right at home. I feel like I've know you ladies forever already.

2) Thanks to my husband for not making me feel like an idiot when I spilled the beans all over him about my baby fever this weekend.

3) Thanks to my sweet readers/blog friends who have been so encouraging in this blogging journey!

4)  Thanks to my kids for driving me crazy all the time but still being able to put a smile on my face always.

5) Thanks to the ladies over in the RevolutionizeHer Community for being so fantastic!  

6) Thanks to this rain we've been stuck inside this house for a week and half. Enough already, please and thank you!

7) Thanks to the home school workshop I just finished I am now feeling more confident than ever about homeschooling my kids. 

8) Thanks to Tmobile's shotty internet service I had to go to Starbucks the other night just to upload a video for a very important contest entry!

9) Thanks to PBS, my kids are entertained with educational cartoons in the mornings while I"m trying to get ready!

10) Thanks to the majorly loud thunder this afternoon, I was robbed of the quiet that nap time usually brings. 


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  1. Yay RH :) And I am ridiculously jealous of your rain. Northwest Ohio is dry and humid. Just rain already!

  2. I like this list. A bit of everything. Starbucks run due to internet problems-I could make that work into my favor :)

  3. aww..I love to nap in the rain and storms. Sorry it woke you up.

  4. @ Robbie, I sure wish I was the one sleeping, but it was my kiddos! LOL


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