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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mommy Needs A Little Brandcation!

Heeeeey Y'all!!!!

Boy are y'all in for a treat today! I did a VLOG. Yup, mmhmm, you read that right. This girl don't vlog either, but I did today. I did it as an entry to the most amazing contest! That's how desperate I am to win. I'm hoping and praying that being the only entrant (so far!) to vlog will give me a competitive edge ;)

MomDot, Jen of Life with Levi, and Toni of Just Stop Screaming have teamed up to award one lucky blogger the trip of a lifetime! Brandcation: Blog Cabin!

We get to stay HERE!?!?

The winner will receive the last ticket to Brandcation ($125 value) from MomDot, free lodging ($150 value) from Jen of Life with Levi, and $100 stipend for food/travel expenses from Toni of Just Stop Screaming. I don't even need a bed y'all. I will gladly sleep on the floor! 

Oh, and this beautiful cabin is nestled in the Smoky Mountains in Piegon Forge, Tennessee. I've never mentioned it to y'all before but Tennessee is like my home away from home. I've been visiting there since I was like, 12? My uncle lives an hour away from Pigeon Forge and it is literally one of my favorite places on Earth! 

Look, here I am at Dolly Wood with my Uncle & cousins:

This was 11 years ago!!

It would mean the world to me to go to Brandcation, especially since I've never attended an event like this. An entire weekend with 33 other bloggers would be FANTASTIC!! Plus, Mommy hasn't had a real vacation in like, um, 5 years!

So, in an effort to get the BIG WIN, I made this little Vlog. Don't go making fun of me, remember this is my first time! Check it y'all:

If you can't see the video, please go here.

A sincere "Thank You" goes out to the sponsors. I sure appreciate the opportunity to enter into this contest for such a great prize! I'm hoping and praying I can join y'all in all the fun at BRANDCATION #4!!

Also, thank you to Sara @ Sensibly Sara for sharing the information about Brandcation!


My kids are holding up signs begging you to take their mommy with you to Brandcation! You just can't see them because the weather has been awful in Houston all day and I've had the worst time staying connected to the internet. I tucked them in bed and then headed to Starbucks to borrow a little internet for a mintue! 


**Full Disclosure** This giveaway is sponsored by MomDot, Jenn from Life with Levi, and Toni of Just Stop Screaming! No compensation has been received and all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are 100% mine.

 ©..And They Call Me Mommy,2012.


  1. You look so cute on your Vlog... you sound so excited about Pigeon Forge, you make me want to go even more.
    Wishing we could all go becaue every blog I've read makes me want to meet everyone.
    Good luck with the contest. HUGGLES!

  2. Susan Young StovetJuly 13, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    Loved the vlog Lacey!! I hope you get the chance to win the contest! Good luck girlie!!!

  3. You did a great vlog. Good luck to you!


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