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Monday, July 2, 2012

Magic Mike ~ A Different View

Follow Me on Pinterest Don't worry y'all, I haven't seen the movie so I won't be spoiling it for you or anything like that!
I do however, want to see the movie, for...ahem...obvious reasons..
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SIDE NOTE: I have a feeling that some may be very passionate about this topic so please remember to be kind & respectful of one another's opinions.

I was catching up on my facebook news gossip feed earlier when  I saw a status posted by a lady who is prominent in  the church that I no longer attend. As in, she is the pastor's wife. Anyhow, she had something thoughtful to say and when I first read it I could see her point, although I did disagree in the end. Here's what was said:
Like I said, she kind of has a point right? I can see how some husbands or wives might not be so thrilled with this situation. However, my hubby has NO CLUE what Magic Mike is about and if he did I don't think he would mind me seeing it one bit. Before I see this movie, I will certainly let him know what it's all about because I don't believe in the whole what he doesn't know won't kill him philosophy. 

I started getting worked up when other people began chiming in on this status:
Okay ladies & gents, I'm sorry if you don't agree but here is my take on this: A movie and a set of books are  a threat to your marriage? Really? Honey, if a set of racy books and a couple of shirtless actors are creating speed bumps in your marriage you've got bigger fish to fry. Sickening? Raise our standards? I'm sorry y'all but just because I enjoyed reading the 50 Shades Trilogy doesn't mean I have low standards. Also, I'll be reading them again for a second time. Also again, I will be first in line to see that darn movie. Who's going with me?

Then I saw a post by a friend of the pastor's wife that about had me coming unglued:
Wait, Wait, Wait a damn minute. You are seriously going to try and tell me that my husband going to a strip club, where there are real live naked, NAKED women who can reach out and touch him is the EXACT SAME THING as me going to a movie theater to watch actors, on a SCREEN, dance with very little clothing on???? Am I missing something? Is Channing Tatum gonna jump out and give me a lap dance? Oh please tell me it's true!! 

Give me a damn break y'all. Books and movies are just that: books & movies. They are entertainment and are not meant to be taken so damn seriously. If you don't like the popular books and movies at any given time, that is fine because you have the right to your own opinion and free will. Just like I have the right to read or watch any smutty novel or movie that I want. That doesn't make me a bad person and I don't think that it makes me a "bad" Christian. I have a personal relationship with God and really that relationship is none of anyone's business. 

What do you think about Christians & Magic Mike? Is it okay for a married or single Christian woman to see this movie? Why or why not?

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  1. I think people getting all upset at this stuff is so stupid. At the end of the day no movie or book is going to make you Christian or not. And I personally think only insecure people are the ones who get all up in arms about this shit and then post it in large social media areas for people to join their band wagon.

  2. Thanks for weighing in Lindsay!

    I think the fact that they were passing judgement on others is what bothered me the most. I just don't think their assumptions were fair or accurate.


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