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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is That Normal?! Tuesday

Follow Me on Pinterest Today I'm trying something new and linking up with Allyce over at Chalk in the Rain for Is That Normal?!  You should definitely pop over and check out the fun blogs linking up or even link up yourself!

1) Is it normal to live with your parents past the age of 24?
For me, NO! I suppose if you had a good reason for living with your parents still, like trying to save money for a down payment on a house or something along those lines that would be fine. Things happen, situations change so you aren't automatically weird in my book if you are 24+ and living at home. However, if you are a lazy moocher, you should get off your rump and get your own place. I was out of the house permanently at 21 and I can't imagine ever going back to living with my parents.
2) Is it normal to leave your house and/or car unlocked?
OMG! When I first met my husband he NEVER locked his car. He would just drop the keys on the floor board and  shut the door. This drove me INSANE. Luckily I've broken him of this bad habit. I don't think this is a normal thing to do, however, I think it depends on where you live. If I lived on 20 gated acres in the middle of nowhere, I'd probably leave my doors unlocked.
3) Is it normal to prefer using a man's razor instead of a woman's?
Lordy I hope so cause that's all I use. Razors made for women just don't cut it for me...Literally.
4) Is it normal to go back to bed right after showering for a quick nap?
Heck yea, showering can wear a person out, especially if your showers take a long time...which mine do. I don't know anything about naps anymore though..
5) Is it normal to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag?
You mean there are other ways to eat chocolate chips?
6) Is it normal to check behind the shower curtain or under the bed before you get in?
Are you home alone? Did you just watch a scary movie? Is your house haunted? Then yes, of course it is.
7) Is it normal to talk to yourself?
It's better than talking to someone who isn't there, Amen?
8) Is it normal to bite your nails?
Unfortunately it is, but I think it is terribly gross.
9) Is it normal to go to bed without brushing your teeth?
Yea, I'm pretty sure lots of people do that on occasion..ahem..
10) Is it normal to "baby talk" to your pet?
Umm, is your pet a baby?

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  1. Love this! I love that you broke him of it. I would have woke up & drove it to another location & told him someone stole his damn car! Haha! Just to prove a point. Ahh. New follower, found you on the linky! :)

  2. Very funnny! My favorite is the pet - is your pet a baby? Enough said :)


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