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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is That Normal?! Tuesday ~ Ladies Vs. Gents

So this week of Is That Normal?! is a little bit different. This week I am comparing MY answers to my HUBBY'S answers. This should be fun....I handed him a piece of paper with the questions written out on it so that he could fill them out at his own pace. Surprisingly he did it willingly and quite quickly. Check it out y'all!

1) Is it normal for 2 men to hug?

ME: I think it's pretty normal. Family members, close friends...I don't see a problem with it.
HIM: It is not.

2) Is it normal to gag on your tooth brush while brushing?

ME: Ugh, I hate that! My mom does it, it always grosses me out. No, not normal.
HIM: For me, yes!!

3) Is it normal to wear the same bra daily?

ME: I have 2 favorite bras that I wear throughout the week. I might wear one a couple times before I wash it, just depends on what I was doing while wearing it.
HIM: Yes, Lacey! (gee, thanks babe!)

4) Is it normal for grown women to frequently use the words "like" or "um" while speaking?

ME: I say "um" when I'm nervous and I say "like" when I"m excited, so I guess, yea it is. At least every other word isn't like though, right?
HIM: Now days, yes.

5) Is it normal to eat cake batter/dough?

Nuff Said

HIM: Yes, cornbread batter too.

6) Is it normal to "go commando" in public/work?

ME: Not my thing, hopefully not yours either.
HIM: Not for me, might be kinda rough.

7) Is it normal to have long toenails?

ME: I guess that depends on what you consider "long," mine have to be long enough to paint!
HIM: For my wife & kids!

8) Is it normal to try on an article of clothing in the middle of the store?

ME: Oh, I hate that- I can remember my mom and grandparents making me do that and it's annoying. Plus you can't tell if something fits right with other clothing on?!?!

9) Is it normal to tell someone to be quiet or "shh" someone in a quiet setting? IE church, movies, meeting, etc.

ME: It takes a lot for me to say something to someone. I will usually just give "the look."
HIM: For Sure.

10) Is it normal to change clothes multiple times before leaving the house?

ME: Um, yea!
HIM: 5 or 6 times for you!! (he means me)

Then he went all "I'm gonna be a totally awesome husband" or a "total suck up" and decided to throw in one more question at the bottom of his paper:

11) Is it normal to have an awesome wife?

ME: Nope, you just got hella lucky!
HIM: For me it is, I must be the luckiest guy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Yep, he wrote it just like that. Dollface.


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