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Monday, January 21, 2013

Take A Look Around

Hey friends! Happy {Monday} Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! 

If you are reading this in your inbox, do me a favor, click through would ya? 

Take a look around! Surely you'll notice something different!
New name, new design, & new url! 

If you type in the old url you will be redirected right here so no worries if you forget! 

We're still working through a few kinks, but for the most part it's finished!

I've also updated all of my social media accounts, so please take note!

My new design is courtesy of the lovely Anna of Ever So Anna Designs.
This was the second time I've worked with Anna and she does a great job + her prices are soo reasonable. She even tolerated my billions of requests for revisions; she swears I'm not a pain in the ass to work with but I disagree :)

If y'all are looking for a new design, check Anna out first and tell her I sent ya!

So...what do y'all think?

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