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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Houses {Free Valentine's Day Printable}

Tonight my husband and I made dinner together. Together, in our tiny galley kitchen with two little children running in and out, in and out. Both of us with a child practically beneath our feet every time we turned around. 

Often times you can hear us complaining to one another about how small our house is, that we're running out of room and that we have no storage space, and it's true. All 1279 square feet of our little house just isn't large enough for our growing family of four. 

But tonight. Tonight, we didn't complain. We just made dinner together and talked and laughed while marveling at our sweet children as they joyfully played their little made up games.

Tonight I am thankful four our home. No matter how small it may be. 

After all, it is very true what they say...


If you like this printable, the very first one I've ever made & shared with you all (!), you may


  1. Thanks for sharing the printable.

    Here's a little perspective. When we had two littles, we lived in a 400 square foot apartment. When we had four, we lived in a 1200 square foot house. Now we have seven and we left our house for a 200 square foot travel trailer. I always thought of our space as little, too, and grumbled. Then I did what you are doing, and focused on being grateful and enjoying it. My children love the time the six of us were stuffed into two bedrooms. Even when we moved into a bigger house, it was years before we stretched into a third bedroom, even though there are nine of us. Love grows best in a little house. Sure does. :)

    1. Christy, thank you for sharing that with me! It kind of made me tear up, because it's just so true. While it'd be nice to have more space, we're doing just fine where we are at!

      I love that you guys stayed close together, even when you had more space!


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