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Friday, December 21, 2012

Stuff My Stocking, Honey!

Okay, Okay hear me out! Call me a six year old if you want to, but I expect my for husband to play Santa and make sure my stocking is stuffed full of goodies come Christmas morning. Just like I expect him to bring me an Easter basket, something divine & something stuffed for Valentines' day, and well...the list goes on. Whatever, it is his responsibility to stuff his wife's stocking. Ahem. 

I've managed to get the man to comply with my needs to be overly spoiled on the other holidays, but Christmas? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, he delivers when it comes to gifts under the tree. Seriously. The stocking? Again, not so much. 

So, I've taken to stuffing my own stocking! 

This was too fun y'all! I searched through some awesome sales & got some great clearance finds! Y'all know I love a good deal. Everything in this photo above is from Forever 21 w/ the exception of the monogram necklace and the Reese's Pieces! :) 

Stuffing your own stocking isn't quite as exciting as someone else doing it, but at least I already know I love everything that was put in it!

What kind of things do you typically find in your stocking?


  1. Too funny! It took a lot of hinting, but my husband finally went to Target last night to stuff my stocking. Hopefully he found fun stuff and not just candy. Growing up my dad would always wait until Christmas Eve to do my moms and then everywhere would be closed but the 7 Eleven convenience store. Poor mom. :-)

  2. Dad and T always has to stuff my stocking! :) There are items in mine that I expect that has become a tradition! :)

  3. Great post, new follower

  4. I totally expect my husband to do the same thing. And I may or may not obnoxiously remind him about it. I haven't quite got him onto the Easter Basket yet, but he has delivered on the stocking the past few years: truffles, sometimes some earrings, and last year a satellite radio subscription stuck in there!

    Newest follower from the bloghop yesterday! Come visit and follow along!

  5. Although i have no one to spoil me there is nothing wrong with being spoiled! I absolutely love the monogram necklace and all the little goodies ya found. I bought the fam big gifts this year but i think i might do stocking stuffers next year for them. Even though it's just me & the chinchilla :) We are wishing you and the family a happy holiday!!


  6. Haha! No judgment here. Love that you know for sure that you will love everything in your stocking! :)


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