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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa's Reindeer Need A Snack Too! {Reindeer Food Tutorial}

Everyone leaves good 'ol Saint Nick milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, but often, folks forget about those hard working reindeer. Reindeer get the munchies too folks!

Spreading reindeer food in the front yard is one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions and it has been since I was a kid! My step mom introduced me to this activity when I was 11 or 12 and I always loved sharing this tradition with my little brother. Now, I enjoy doing this with my own children just as much!

Reindeer food can really be anything you want it to be and I often change it up from year to year. This year I just used some things that I had on hand:


2 pkgs. instant oatmeal
4 TBS of Raisins
2 handfuls of chocolate chips (or any other variety)
2 handfuls of Cheerios
2 ziploc baggies
Glitter (optional)


Empty one package of instant oatmeal into each ziploc bag. Add 2 TBS of raisins, 1 handful of chocolate chips, and 1 handful of Cheerios to each bag. If you are using glitter, add desired amount. Then, shake shake shake! Squeeze all of the air out of the bag and seal.

Now, I hand drew little labels for each of the bags just to show you that this can be a really simple project done with things you already have at home. You can, however, make a really nice digital label and then print it out. My kiddos tend to like it when I break out the markers and construction paper :)

Staple your label to the ziploc bag, and voila! A super sweet treat for your reindeer friends!

Now, on Christmas Eve you take your bag of reindeer food outside and sprinkle it all over your front yard. While Santa is busy delivering presents inside, his reindeer will be refueling for the long night ahead of them. Trust me when I tell y'all that the reindeer really appreciate this! Your kids will love it too!

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  1. What a sweet idea! I reckon my son would get a kick out of this when he is a little older. Following from the That Friday blog hop :)


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