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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fa la la la la la la la

Like a lot of people, Christmas music sort of kids on my nerves, for the most part. However, every so often throughout the season you just might find me rockin' or beltin' my heart out to a few tunes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas"

I've been loving this song for about as long as I can remember; for some reason it has always struck a chord with me and I will always turn this one up and sing it at the top of my lungs. Besides, who doesn't love Dolly?

Gayla Peevy's "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"

Okay, we all love this one right? It's just so fun! Also, a fun little giggle fest waiting to happen between me & the best frann! We love this song.

Skip Ewing's "Christmas Carol"

Oh, this one, it's a tear jerker! The lyrics tell such a sweet story.

Elvis Presley's "Silent Night"

Did y'all know I love Elvis? Like love him. Well,  I do. Elvis has the very best Christmas albums and Silent Night is one of my very favorite Christmas songs. Win. Win.

Last but not least, I plan on starting a new Christmas tradition this year with my man Blake's new Christmas album:

I love Blake and I don't care what Miranda says, he loves me too! (Love you Miranda!)

Aren't y'all glad you can't hear me singing? What is your favorite Christmas tune?


  1. Your blog is so cute! I'm a new follower & I'm stopping by from that Friday blog hop. I hope you've had a good Thursday & have a great Friday! Please stop by to say hi if you get a moment?


  2. This is such an awesome post! You've gotten me addicted to a whole new batch of xmas songs... my hubby is going to be thrilled. :) New follower from the blog hop :)


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