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Friday, December 14, 2012

Leave A Light On {Prayers for New Town}

I'm sure that by now the majority of you are aware of the tragedy unfolding today in New Town Connecticut. In case you aren't, this morning, a masked gunman entered into Sandy Hook Elementary School and began shooting. Currently the death toll is at 27, consisting of both students and staff. This mass shooting is being called the largest school shooting in American History. Details are still coming out and the pieces are still being put together. You can find live updates hereThis is scary.

My heart is breaking into a million little pieces for these sweet babies who have had to endure such a horrific scene today. My heart is breaking for the families who won't be reunited today. I cannot understand why parents can't feel secure in sending their children to school, of all places, these days. I currently home school my children, but there has been much discussion about sending our oldest to public school next year. After this, I don't know if I can.

People are shouting from the rooftops - GUN CONTROL! STRICTER LAWS! Listen, we all have the right to our own beliefs and opinions, and I assure you that I will respect your right to believe in any way you choose, but for today let's put the politics aside. Let's stand strong in support of those suffering through this. Let's hug our children a little tighter, count our blessings.

My friend Lori received a wonderful suggestion from a reader and I would like to share it with all of you:

As a show of unity and prayer let’s all leave a burning candle or our front porch light on tonight. Each flicker and light will represent a prayer for healing and love for every child, adult and service worker affected by the CT shooting tragedy. Thank you to my reader Regina for the idea.

Blogger friends - I encourage you to put your posts on hold today. Put off the promotion of your giveaways and events. Spread the love and support to our friends in New Town, CT. 

My prayers will be with the families of those lost today, those who lost their lives & those who lost their innocence. 


  1. Well said Lacey. I was so angered by people using this time to spout their political beliefs. There is a time for that but today is for putting our arms around this town and praying. And it just breaks my heart and fills me with fear thinking of all the parents who got their children ready for school this morning like any other day and they won't come home tonight. It makes me consider homeschool, but what about the mall, the workplace, restaraunts, where it's happening too? I don't know what the answer is but we are in desperate need of healing in this country. And let me know if you can't reply- thought I fixed my No Reply but who knows? :-)


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