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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whoops! I Forgot To Tell You....

So when I was tapping out my post on that really cool run I've got coming up in February, I realized that I'd forgotten to tell y'all all about the fabulous time I had at The Color Run. While I'm late to the party, I couldn't not tell y'all about it because it was a blast.

I ran walked this race leisurely with my best friend and we had the time of our lives! The weather was crappy - it had rained so it was warm and muggy but we didn't care. We were giggling, and people watching enjoying getting splashed with color! One of my favorite parts was watching people literally lay on the road and roll around in color! My bff almost did it, I could see that she wanted to! I can't wait to do this again when The Color Run comes back to Houston in March! We're even considering volunteering this time because those folks were having a good time!

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from race day:

I found this sign to be completely hilarious!

I love pink. I did not love that pink flag smacking me in the face!

Don't I look totally super cool? ha!

Best Frann.

And...I'm a hot mess!! 
**Thank you to The Color Run for sponsoring me to participate in this race. We had a fantastic time and you guys rock!

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