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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas {All Wrapped Up}

Hey friends! I think I've finally recovered from my Christmas "hangover" (no alcohol involved) and I'm ready to get back in my groove around here! I was feeling bad about not having blogged in awhile, but apparently I really needed the break!

Christmas around here was a total whirlwind! We had 4 straight days of celebrations, with a different place to be each of those 4 days. It was exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. Of course the easiest way for me to share those 4 days with you is with picture overload, so I hope you're ready :)

Our first stop was last Saturday at my cousin's house for Christmas with my Uncle (Dad's brother!), Aunt, Cousins and Dad, Step mom and brother.

We let the kids exchange gifts and they had a blast playing together!

On Sunday we went to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner with her and my brother. Our dinner was amazing y'all, my mom really outdid herself!

We had a crown roast (OMG!), mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sauteed brussell sprouts, and rolls. Oh, and that cake - sea salt chocolate something or another - HEAVEN with chocolate covered cherries on top. Oh My.
Then we all got spoiled with gifts :)

My brother, Fischer - he has a serious shoe addiction! 

My beautiful Mama! 

On Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon at my Dad's house, but before we left we made sure to spread out the food we made for Santa's reindeer in the front yard. We had a blast watching the kids open up all of their gifts and then playing with them! My Dad works shift work so often he is not there for holidays and I was so happy to have him home this year! Granted, the only reason he had the time off is because he'd just had knee surgery. Blessing in disguise? Maybe.

They were begging Uncle Jeffrey for a ride!

 My Dad is a huge hunter and he loves ducks so when I found this awesome vintage clock that had a duck scene on it, I knew it was for him! He loved it :)

This is my step mom Carrie - She and my Dad have been married for almost 21 years! I don't know how she has put up with him this long (running joke) but I'm so glad she has! She is a God send and I adore her!

Handsome Hubs :)
Watching this almost made me cry, seriously. lol
My brother, Jeffrey, is a turd. But I love him :)

Which brings us to Christmas Day! My darling daughter woke up at 4 a.m. and I made her stay in bed. She finally went back to sleep around 6 but I stayed up until I knew she was asleep. Around 7 James woke up and I was exhausted, but had no other choice but to get moving. I took great joy in waking Addison from her peaceful slumber! We spent the morning opening gifts at home and then we headed out to spend Christmas Day with my in-laws.

Santa Came!
He loves his construction equipment! 
The "I can't believe I got an Easy Bake Oven" face = priceless :)
Some of the guys
All but one of the kiddos
Cousins & Buds
My Sister in Law, Amy & her future (HOPEFULLY!) hubby, Bryan
Brother in law, Alex, Nephew, Ehyan, Sister in law, Malissa (Ehyan's Mommy!)
My goofy father in law!
My mother in law is Farmville addicted, so this was a perfect gift for her :)
 Well, that's it folks! My Christmas all wrapped up in one very long, picture loaded post! How was your Christmas?


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  1. So the huge box of babies that my sweet Addison is holding is that what she is wanting to play with together? ;) it looks like y'all had a fantastic day(s) and I'm so glad!


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