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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

*SIGH* Y'all, I need help. I've pretty much had a crappy week and I almost completely forgot about today's weigh in. Pair that with the fact that I've had my fair share of birthday cake this week and I knew I was in trouble.

Last week I did so good! This week, not so much.
I gained AGAIN; .8 pounds!  Apparently that is the magic number when it comes to gaining around here.

I realize that my gain wasn't even a whole pound but hear me out. This is what I do every single time I start to make progress. I get comfortable. I feel like it's coming off easily and I just relax. I cannot relax right here. I haven't even lost 10 pounds yet and my ultimate goal is to loose 50!!

You have all been so amazing with the sweet comments & emails and I love each and every one of you for your kind and encouraging words. I read them and I get a little teary eyed or my heart gets bigger with happiness. No, I'm not exaggerating. I'm a sap and women helping other women, especially women who don't even know one another, just makes my heart sing.

Unfortunately, after I've closed my computer and I am in the thick of what is going on around all around me, things that are sometimes out of my control, I turn to food. It's the whole reason why I'm fat y'all. When I'm sad, pissed, confused or at a total loss, I eat. I've hit every one of those emotions this past week.

So what I'm getting at is this: If y'all think about me through the next week could you pop up and say something like "Hey, put that chocolate chip cookie down!" Or maybe, "Hey, how about you get up off that couch and do that ab workout, hmm?" I promise I won't get pissed. I will thank you, over and over again. 

Feel free to embarrass me on twitter or facebook. If you'd prefer to do it quietly then you can always email me. I would be happy to return the favor for any of you. I just need to have my ass kicked this week!

I hope you all did much better than I did and here is to making progress next week!

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  1. Oh I love you so! This post is me in so many ways! I wish I had the magic tools, but if I did then it would all be working for me as well. I got your back girl. I can email your ass. Let's do this!

  2. Good luck! We are all here to support you. The linkup has kept me motivated for sure! :)

  3. I do the same exact thing. I get comfortable and bye bye weight loss! Not this time though even if I have to verbally attack myself every morning. You CAN do this! Just push through the funk and keep on plugging away!

  4. just don't give up! cheating on your diet is okay but giving up is not an option!!

    Just think about how much you want to update next thursday saying you lost a few.....that always helps me. {even though I did do kind of bad last night.}


  5. We are sooooo *fat* Kindred spirits! I have been MAJORLY struggling the past 2 weeks as well. Totally sucks cause I was doing good. I'll tell you to put the cookie down in you yell at me to drop the chocolate bar! :)

  6. Mind over matter!!!! You CAN and WILL do this. Chew some gum! Freeze some grapes and eat good. Pickles help curb your appetite. When you want to eat something bad, go outside for a walk or drink a BIG glass of water! Put up motivational pictures and quotes EVERYWHERE!!! Don't give up or get down on yourself!!


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