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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Living

With the exception of my weekly weigh in I've been kind of absent from this here blog for a bit. I know, you're just dying to know where I've been, right? Right.

I've just been living.

The realization that my my little world is about to change, a lot and very quickly, has suddenly hit me. My beautiful children - they are getting older. On Monday - we start homeschooling! KINDERGARTEN. It seems like just yesterday that my baby Addison was born, and now, Kindergarten? It just doesn't seem possible. So lately, I have been soaking it all in.

Can I share some pictures of our Shenanigans with you?

A couple nights ago, we had ice cream for dinner:

The next day we had a few water park adventures:

Then, I came home from my rodeo meeting the other night to find my husband outside murdering a snake with a shovel:
PhotobucketI apologize for the crappy quality of these pictures. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of my husband in his shorts and cowboy boots. If y'all only knew how terrified he is of snakes!! Photobucket
Things are never boring around here! Okay, just a few more..


~The kids "put me to bed" and apparently I needed something(s) to snuggle with!

~James loving on his Daddy while out to dinner the other night.

~I know y'all are staring down those biscuits up there. I got them from the local H-E-B and they are made by Immaculate Baking - try them!! Those are cranberry orange and they are just divine!

~Addison colored on James' face with orange marker and he officially became a tiger. "Roar!"

~My sweet Hubs passed out on the couch at about 6 p.m. You'd think he'd been up with the kids all night the night before. Oh, wait...

Thank you for hanging out with me while I give you a peek into our world over the last week or two. I hope you are enjoying, and relishing in, these last few days of summer..


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  1. You know if you had IG . . . {I kid, I kid}. Those biscuits look seriously amazing!

    Home schooling?! Wow, good for you Mama. You are better than I.

  2. I love that line - "I've just been living". Good for you, Mama. I think we're all happier when we just live.

    And I agree with Lindsay - go homeschooling! I hope you keep us updated on your experience as you get started!


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