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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Wednesday Weigh-In! I'm not gonna lie, I was dreading today so bad, specifically because of Wednesday Weigh-In, but after I got on the scale this morning I was totally relieved. I've had a crappy week as far as what I've been eating goes. It's that time of the month and when it's that time for me, I eat like it is going out of style. Like everything, non stop. It's crazy! I try to stop myself but it's like I'm completely famished or something. I hate it. Hopefully this will be over soon!

Anywhoo, I've still only been drinking tea and/or water, no soda! YAY! I really never imagined I'd make it even THIS far. I'm seriously proud of myself!

Well, let's get to it. Here is what my scale looked like when I stepped on it this morning:

For some reason, I was scrunching my toes on the right side. Don't make fun of me!
I'm down .8 pounds from last week! I was so happy because honestly I figured I had gained it all back. I always wish it were more but I know that if I'd DO more then the loss would be greater.
So, my 3 week total is 5.4 pounds lost! 

How'd y'all do this week?

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  1. That's great progress! Sometimes your body needs the calories in order to lose weight. For example, if I eat at the bottom of my weight loss calorie range, I won't lose as much as if I eat every scrumptious calorie I'm allotted. It was a hard lesson to learn - sometimes eat more = lose more!

  2. Go girl! So happy for you! I personally did so well last week, but have sucked this week do to my period coming and I find it a must to eat everything that is no nailed down. It seems the minute it actually comes my hunger is gone, but until that happens food seems to be fair game. Hopefully next week will be better {for both of us}.

  3. I think I'm going to hop on this Weigh In Wednesday thing! Good job and keep it up!

  4. GOOD JOB!!! Thats awesome that youre down even with eating bad for the week! Everyone has those weeks. For me it was this week! just stick with it and you WILL SEE RESULTS!! So proud of you and I mean that!! Im so proud of all of us!!

    PS YOU ARE AMAZING! The one thing Im SOOOOOO scared of is posting my weight!

  5. I am right there with you on the soda thing! Luckily for me I don't like sweet tea, but I can't STAND diet soda. I'd rather not drink it at all. I've tried drinks like Coke Zero a few times, but I can still taste the difference. Maybe I'm just stubborn? Anyhow, good job! Keep up the good work and thank you for sweet comments! Looking forward to seeing your continued progress!


  6. Great job!!! I am sometimes bummed when I don't totally loose a lb., but like you glad that I lost anything, even when that time of the month is there, or just being an oinker!! Rootin for ya!!!

  7. 5 pounds in 3 weeks?? That's AWESOME girl!

  8. whoohoo!!! congrats!!! that's such great progress!


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