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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What! Wednesday!

Happy humpday y'all!! I'm totally stoked that it is already Wednesday because I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend! Keep reading & you'll find out why! So my SWW will be a bit long this week because I missed last week and well, I've got a lot to say So What! about.

Side Note: This is my 100th post! Isn't this supposed to be like a big deal or something?

This week I'm saying So What! if:

* my kid woke up this morning and told me she had no clean panties. Maybe she was right about that whole "getting on the laundry" thing?

* if little man spouted off to his Daddy & then proceeded to put himself in time out. We're not quite sure what he said, but it must've been bad.

* if my husband would be willing to trade ME & THE KIDS for a Lamborghini Murcielago. Guess What? I'd trade him for a whole lot less! (KIDDING, sorta...)

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* I'm thinking about implementing a 2 beer minimum to each night to help me sleep better. I slept amazingly last night. 

* If I've been extra procrastinate-y this week. A girl deserves a break damn it.

* If I plan on getting totally tipsy drunk oh hell there is no nice way to say it, TRASHED at the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Saturday. A girl deserves a drunken break, damn it! 

I won these tickets from the local radio station!

* if I have apparently replaced my baby fever with house hunting fever.
 'Wishin. 'Hopin. 'Dreamin.
Just one more year...HOPEFULLY!

* if I'm elbow deep in home school preparations and I'm totally loving every single stressed out minute of it!

* if I'm totally envious of all the amazing bloggers heading out to BlogHer this week! 

* if I'm totally STOKED that BLISSDOM will be in Dallas next year!! Oh Yea!

* if my son looks ridiculously cute EVEN when he is wearing my pink beanie in 100+ temperatures. Today was a BIG day for him because his Uncle passed down the beloved "Woody" doll. James was on cloud 9! 

That's an original Woody doll!


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