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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brothers of The Sun & Saturday Shenanigans

Hey y'all! I've finally recovered enough from Saturday's concert to come back and share all of the shenanigans with you! I won tickets to the Brother's of the Sun Tour from the local radio station a few months ago and I've been anxiously awaiting the show ever since. Saturday was the day, finally!! The hubs and I had a fabulous time! The station hooked us up with some great seats and the cold beers were flowin. Two of my three brothers were also at the show and one of them had seats in a box suite and we ended up getting to join them! It was our first time in a suite and it was way too much fun. FREE food & beer, plus an awesome view without a bunch of folks sitting on top of you? YES please! Thanks to the brother in law for the hook up!

The concert was amazing! I have seen both Kenny and Tim in concert previously but Tim HANDS DOWN brought down the house! He made the show for me, and I told him so!
Instead of rambling on about all the details I'm just going to dump all my pictures on y'all. Enjoy!

Beer was A'flowin!

View from our seats

Kenny's Grand Entrance

Kenny's Stage Set Up

Hello Gorgeous!

Kenny Flying Over the Crowd

This man is scrumptious.

Am I right or am I right?

Me & the Hubs
OH! Can't believe I almost forgot to mention! When it was time to go home, we couldn't find our car! YES, we had been drinking BUT I'm awesome at making note of these types of things. The damn car was RIGHT where I said it was. It was ALL HUBS' fault! He was swearing up and down that it had been towed. I still can't figure out where he got that idea from!

What's your most memorable concert experience?


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  1. I have seen half of this hot duo twice! Kenny Played at Cheyenne Frontier days 2 separate years. The man is amazing in concert. He really is all about his fans. I'd see him again! Great voice, Great performer and did I mention Hot!?

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time! My most memorable concert was a George Strait concert we went to for my hubbys birthday. He loves George Strait so I got him tickets that were literally 5 rows from the stage! He loved it and I loved seeing him so happy!


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