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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Dinnertime Review

Last weekend my family and I were offered the opportunity to taste test Honey Baked Ham's new recipe turkey breast along with two sides and a dessert of our choice. Free food? Yes please.

So, let's talk turkey shall we? I'm not a HUGE fan of the bird. I like it deep fried and I like it in turducken form, but that's about it. Leave it to me to be picky about a turkey. Anyhow, I love Honey Baked's ham, so I figured what the heck? Let's give it a try!

Here are the goods I picked up Saturday afternoon:

I'd never ordered nor picked up from Honey Baked Ham before so I was really impressed when I got there and they had everything ready to go for me in a box already. The young man working the counter pulled everything out and showed it to me to make sure the order was correctly filled and off I went. Good customer service here folks. I like that. I ordered the new recipe roasted turkey breast, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and the carrot cake (hubby's choice!).

So, apparently Honey Baked Ham has been making and selling turkey for 20 years. Did y'all know that? I didn't. I don't know about their old recipe turkey, but the new recipe turkey is uh-maz-ing! I couldn't keep my fingers out of it! The turkey was already pre-sliced (thank you for saving me the trouble of having to do it!) so of course I was getting into it the moment I unpacked the box.

Doesn't it look divine? That's because it is! The turkey is slow roasted and is so moist and tender. My husband asked me, "Are you sure this isn't ham?" "If this is turkey, then it is the best turkey I have ever had." Y'all, my husband doesn't say stuff like that, but he did after eating this turkey. I think he was genuinely excited about it. He doesn't get excited. Oh, and do you see that beautiful brown glaze on the top of the turkey? That would be Honey Baked Ham's signature sweet and crunchy glaze that you get on their hams.!

Our entire dinner was absolutely delicious. I was a little concerned with the sides at first. They are frozen when you receive them and you just pull back the foil and pop them in the oven for a bit. At first the consistency didn't look right and I was worried that they would taste like typical frozen meals do. I was wrong. Once the sides were fully cooked, they looked and tasted perfect. Hubs didn't like the green bean casserole much, but it was his personal preference. He is spoiled to my homemade snap green beans.

Oh, and then we had dessert!

The husband's favorite dessert is carrot cake; it's one of the few sweets he will eat. He avoided going back for seconds on the turkey to save room for it. This cake did not disappoint. We aren't used to having so many nuts in our carrot cake but I loved it. There were large chunks of walnuts and raisins on the inside of the cake and nut slivers on the outside. It was a nice change to what we are used to, plus the cake was so moist. I wish I had another slice of it now but we've already eaten it all!

Later that evening I came into the kitchen and found my husband making a turkey sandwich. Apparently he was still hungry ;) We even had turkey with our breakfast the next morning!

When I think of Honey Baked Ham, I tend to think of quick, no fuss holiday meals. Now that I realize what a wide variety of food they carry and how delicious it is, we will be eating their food at home more often.

Also worth noting - this meal was supposed to be enough for just 4 people. Now my clan likes to eat but y'all, I could have fed 6-8 with what we received!

Just for you, my readers, Honey Baked Ham is offering you a $3 off coupon. Enjoy!
Disclosure: My family received a complimentary meal in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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