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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A 5th Birthday Celebration - My Little Pony Style

So it's been almost three weeks since we had Addison's 5th birthday and I'm just now getting around to sharing that with you guys. Yup, total slacker. Not really. Well, I am a slacker, but I've been busy not slacking, which is why the pictures haven't made it up here yet. ANYWAY.

I usually go over the top crazy for the kid's birthday parties but this year I kept it pretty simple. Addison chose a My Little Pony theme which was pretty cool since I used to play with them as a kid. She is into everything My Little Pony these days so it's fun to share that with her.

I made these cute invitations myself with My Memories digital scrapbook software (Use code STMMMS92554 for a discount)! Obviously the lips and mustache aren't part of the invitation; I found something similar on Etsy and I knew I could do it myself. I took the image that I created to Staples and had them print it out on card stock and it ended up costing me only about $4.

This was the cake & food table. The color of the table cloth doesn't come through well in this picture but it was an aqua blue like the polka dots on the napkins. Speaking of the napkins, I was so excited when I found them on clearance for less than a $1 at Walmart! We had a late afternoon party so I didn't serve a lot of food. We had chips with ranch dip, chex mix, a meat and cheese tray and a fruit tray with homemade fruit dip. Do y'all like fruit dip? I might post my recipe at a later time if y'all are interested. It's delish! Then of course we had cake! My mom is a professional cake decorator and she always makes cakes for everyone's birthday. Creating awesome cakes isn't her full time job, but she'd love for it to be someday.

I made this really fun photo back drop out of crepe paper. I used taped crepe paper to clothes rack on wheels and then I tied balloons at the bottom of the rack. I had big hopes and dreams of everyone getting in front of it and using it as a sort of Step & Repeat but that didn't work out so well. The backdrop was great, but no one used it! I forced the first group of kids that arrived to get a picture in front of it before I let them go outside to the bounce house! So mean, I know. ;)

I think the highlight of the party for the kids was the pinata and the bounce house, go figure!

This pinata was seriously tough stuff! All of the kids got to take a swing at it twice and they were really getting after it! Finally Dad just had to rip it open!

An almost family photo. Little man is no where to be found - if I had to guess he was outside jumping! I am really sad to say that we didn't get a complete family picture.

Also, you can see Addison's shirt pretty well in this picture and I wanted to let y'all know - I made it myself! I found an image online that I liked and printed it out onto iron on t-shirt paper and then I ironed it on to a white t-shirt. There are also little jewels around the pony but you can't see them well in this picture.

Since her party I'm finding My Little Pony scenes like the ones below every time I turn around.

All in all I'd say the party went off without a hitch. My sweet girl was thrilled with everything and in the end that is all that mattered to me!


  1. What a great party! My daughter turns 5 next year and I have to get ideas!
    Super cute!


  2. I am your newest follower. I've been peeking around your blog. It's cute and funny!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    You can find all of the info on my blog:

    Have a great day!

  3. That cake is AMAZING!!! My girls were really into My Little Pony for a little over a year. The phase just seemed to end when school started. Go figure- we finally have a shit ton of ponies etc. and now they want nothing to do with it. Kids.

  4. This is a great post! I am having a small birthday party next month for my son, and this is like a check list of the things I want to do without me having to do the work. Thanks a bunch!


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