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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Hey y'all. I've been mostly absent over the last week or so and for good reason..There have been a lot of things happening in my life lately - both personal and family things - and I"m walking a thin line between sharing too much & not sharing enough. I try to keep this space a happy place but I haven't been feeling too happy lately and in turn, I haven't been writing. When I have a lot going on I tend to just shut down and that is pretty much what has happened here.

On a good note, things are looking up and are hopefully headed in the right direction/back on track. Also - as a side note - I hope that I don't ever come across as one of those bloggers who tries to portray her life as being picture perfect cause honey, it ain't. Boy howdy, the stories I could tell y'all, and maybe I will! I'll have to think on that a bit...Anything y'all want to know? Just ask! If I don't want to share publicly, I'll email ya!

Moving on -- I got a new phone on Friday! It's the DROID RAZR and I'm in LOVE! This phone is amazing & I can do almost everything on it that I can do on my computer, except for blogging. That isn't too easy on the phone.

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I even joined the fun on instagram! I could never do this on my old phone and I'm so excited now that I can share my whole entire universe through pictures with y'all, all day every day! HA! Follow me on instagram :)

My little guy's birthday is in like, 3 weeks. Yea, let the freaking out commence! At least I have a FAB theme to work with!

Over the next few days, I've got a lot of posts coming your way. For instance, I still haven't shared Addison's birthday party with y'all! Hello, that was like 2 weeks ago! I've even got some fun giveaways in store, so stay tuned!

OH, and HELLO to all my  new "fans!" I'm so so very glad you are here. I look forward to getting to know y'all!

Here are a few instagrams that y'all might have missed since you didn't even know you could find me there :)

1. Addison made a key chain for her Nanny (grandmother) that says "best nanny"
2. Barbie for president? Um, no.
3. Oh, that's just me.
4. Owl book ends that I found at Target on clearance! $17 but so worth it. I love them!
5. My Little Ponies & a wedding at the castle. 'Nuff said.
6. My new Covergirl eyeshadows that I got for $.74 each at Target. #frugalmama
7. Self explanatory I think.
8. Sunday Coupon Clippin'
9. #gameday food
10. My sweet little boy let his sister trick him into "going to the beach" and wearing her bikini. #siblings.



  1. Sorry things have been rough lately. I hope you're okay. I know I'm a new reader, but if you ever need to talk/email, I'm a good listener/reader! :) And that photo of your little boy in the bikini... priceless. You can pull that one out for YEARS to come! :)

  2. What's going on girl?! I hope all is okay and I am glad to hear it seems to be heading up.

    Soooo glad I can catch you on IG now!

  3. Sorry to hear things have been rough, but glad you are coming out of it! I've been reading through your posts and am enjoying the blog!

  4. Thanks Amy!! I'm glad you made your way over :)


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