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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kassi @Truly Lovely {A Sponsor Interview}

Hi lovelies! I have a little treat for y'all today! My sponsor, Kassi from Truly Lovely, let me bombard her with some questions for a fun little interview! I always enjoy reading posts where bloggers have been interviewed so I'm hoping y'all will too!

"Truely Lovely is an all things lovely blog written by two sisters; Mostly Kassi with fun snippets from Kayli. We don't like to be cornered into one niche, so you can find crafts, recipes, fun photos and stories on our blog....But it depends on the day and what we want to write about! :)"

1) How and when did you start blogging?
I wrote my first blog post in November of 2010! My sister in law has a little family blog where she records things her kids are up to, so I started reading her blog and then found more friends and family with blogs..And my interest developed from there!

2) What are your most and least favorite things about being a blogger?
My favorite thing is the people! I have made so many friends all over the country and world even, that I would never have come into contact with otherwise! My least favorite is the drama. Sure, you would hope that grown women would drop the passive aggressiveness and just outright meanness in the blog world. But sometimes they don't...Women can be catty, no matter what platform it's on.

3) You got married in July of 2011. Has anything about marriage surprised you thus far?
I have to say no. My husband and I were together for over five years before we got married. I definitely knew what I was getting into when I married him...haha! 

4) I read in your "about" page that you and your husband were pen pals as kids. Will you share how you became pen pals with us?
Ooh! Sure! So his parents have a little vacation home in my home town. We met at the annual Pioneer Days rodeo and dance they have ever year. We were about 10-11 years old at the time. We exchanged addresses and wrote letters for years! I even found some that he kept not that long ago...:)
Isn't that just the sweetest?!?!

5) Fall is my favorite season. Do you have a favorite season? What is it and why?
It's a toss up between fall and summer. I love fall for the cooler weather, my birthday, Halloween...but summer is full of fun activities all season long!

6) What is one thing you want us to know about you?
Let's see....I love making new friends. I enjoy the commentary that goes on between bloggers...the emails, the comments, tweets, etc. I would Love to be YOUR friend. ;)

7) What are 3 blogs that you read regularly?
Royal Daughter Designs (I love her too!)
Every Day is a New Adventure

Kassi - thank you so much for taking time out to answer all of my questions! I really enjoyed reading your answers :)


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