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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Husband Broke Into Our Home

Are you scratching your head saying, umm, WTF?? Yea, join the club. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this when I posted it late last Saturday night:

Here's the back story:

Saturday evening the whole family loaded up and went to the car dealership. We'd had our Ford Fusion for just over a year but after our car accident last year it was never the same. Hubby & I both wanted to trade it in so we decided to go look around and see what we could come up with. 

We were there for FIVE HOURS. With both kids. We were all exhausted, irritated and hungry. When it was finally time to leave at around 9:30 we were eager to get going, to say the least. We hadn't finalized all of the paperwork on my new car yet but the dealership wanted to let us take it home over the weekend. Hubby cleaned all of our belongings out of the Fusion and moved them over to the new car. I asked him at least twice if he'd gotten everything and he assured me that he did. 

Awesome. Off we go. We pulled through and grabbed something quick to eat and then headed home. As I am pulling into our driveway, I look over at him and say, "Hey, did you remember the garage door opener?" 

Guess what? He didn't remember the garage door opener. Also, my house keys were sitting on our dining room table. Want to know what is funny about this? He did the same thing when we bought the Fusion! 

Anyhow, long story short - he had to break into our house. It was locked down tight too. I"m not gonna tell y'all how he did it, for obvious reasons, but I will say that I'm super glad that we have dependable neighbors we can count on. It's nice to know that we can ask our own neighbors to help us break into our home without having to worry about them coming back later and breaking in for their own reasons. It took him awhile and I was sweating it. I didn't want to sleep in my brand new car over night! 

I was super irritated over the entire situation at the time, hence the instagram post, but now it just makes me laugh. I'm pleased to announce that not only do I have a brand new SUV but I also have my garage door opener as well! Score!

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  1. That must happen all the time! When I bought my car last year I (brilliantly) managed to leave the dealership with only the keys to my new car. I left the key to my house/P.O. box, the keys to my office, and the keys to my other car behind.

    By the time I realized that I had left everything there, the dealership had closed for the weekend. That was the night that I learned that I could have been a very, very good cat burglar.

    I'm glad everything worked out! Your new SUV is fab.


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