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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look Twice

I'm a little late talking to y'all about this being that it is almost June, but it's an important topic to me so I felt like I should share anyway. 

Motorcycle safety is especially important to me because my husband not only enjoys riding as a hobby,  but he rides his bike daily to and from work. 
In fact, a lot of people use their motorcycles for commuting.
I really can't explain to y'all the feeling I get when I"m driving down the road alongside my husband while he is on his bike. It literally makes me an anxious, nervous wreck. I've had to learn to trust in his abilities; he is a safe and aware driver. Unfortunately, it's really not him that I"m worried about. I've seen the way other drivers completely disregard his presence on the road.

Some of the motorcycle statistics I've found are amazing. In 2007, 7.1 million motorcycles were registered in the United States. Motorcycles are on our roadways folks, and we need to pay attention to them. Also? A 2009 report found that more than half of motorcycle deaths involved at least one other vehicle. This is my worst nightmare, y'all. 

So I'm asking you, all of you, please be aware of your surroundings. Put down your phone, stop trying to multi-task, and just drive. Slow down. Look twice. Pay attention to what is going on around you and help keep our roads safer. Help keep my husband safe. And my father in law, my uncles, my friends, my neighbors, and probably, yours too. 

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