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Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Questions Friday

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Today I'm linking up with My Little Life for the very first time for Five Questions Friday!

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Alright, let's do this!

1) What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?

When I was a kid there was nothing I loved more than buttered cinnamon/sugar bread. A sice or two of yummy white bread slathered with creamy butter (from the tub, not the stick!) and then sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar. Yum-O y'all! I don't indulge in this particular snack very often these days, for obvious reasons but seriously, it's just heaven. Plus, so QUICK & EASY!

2) What food will you not eat the low fat version of?

Um, Yea..I don't eat the low fat version of ANYTHING. Okay, Okay, I really don't like low fait dairy products. If it is being used in a recipe then that is alright but other than that I prefer the full fat version thankyouverymuch.

3) What's your favorite way to cool off during the summer?

I like to hibernate inside my house with AC on 70 degress 24/7.

4) What's your favorite summer read?

Trashy celebrity gossip magazines are the best! I also like reading contemporary/modern romance novels. Lisa Kleypas is my favorite. You should read the Travises Series: Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil, & Smooth Talking Stranger. Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin was also an awesome read as are some of her other books! ..And now you know I"m a book nerd! LOL.

5) What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?

We really are spending more and more time doing indoor activities. I'm trying really hard to only be out of the comforts of the AC in the early morning or late evening hours. Coaxing us outdoors pretty much requires some sort of water activity at this point. I'm a total wimp when it comes to the heat, can you tell??

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