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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clearing the Clutter & Getting Organized

Follow Me on Pinterest Last week I told y'all that getting organized was on my to do list for June. I also told you that it probably wasn't going to happen. Funny, cause that is the only thing on my list that I've actually been working on! 

After searching about 3 hours for a hot glue gun and still not being able to find it, I knew something had to be done!

So I've been busy for the last two days working through the clutter, throwing away the trash (old papers that I really don't need anymore, mostly), and organizing things. I tried to find an appropriate picture to illustrate what part of my house may or may not have looked like prior to my cleaning spree but I couldn't find anything appropriate. Google "clutter" or "cluttered house." It's kind of disturbing!

I've managed to clean my medicine cabinet (an actual kitchen cabinet, not the bathroom variety), my pantry & 2 extra designated food cabinets, my closet (BIG deal!), the rubbermaid drawers in my room (2, each with 3 drawers!), my cedar chest contents, under my bathroom sink, the garage (except my hubby did that!), and my lotion/perfume collection! 
I also moved my "desk" (it's actually a sofa table) out of my bedroom and back into my living room. I've just got to have a work space that I can utilize and still monitor my kiddos. Sitting in my recliner or on the couch was proving to be unproductive.

We live in what I consider to be a small house. It's just over 1200 sq. ft. and McHubby and I are constantly saying we need a bigger "          " (insert pretty much any room in the house here). Truth be told, our home is big enough for the most part. We just have too much STUFF. It's amazing how much different I feel now that all these areas of my home have been cleaned out and organized. Things look neat and I know exactly where to find what I'm looking for. 

Bonus, I so would not be embarrassed if I caught you snooping in my bathroom cabinet. You'd be envious of my mad organization skills! ;)

At the end of my cleaning frenzy I realized that all this stuff we keep collecting is weighing us down. I've got to get better at throwing away the junk and organizing the important stuff.

Is clutter weighing you down? How do you keep things organized, especially in high traffic areas?

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