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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

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I gotta say this weekend was one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time! Everyone was all trippin about Friday being the 13th, blah blah blah. Friday the 13th and the few days after have always been really lucky for me! This particular Friday the 13th, April 13th, was my BFF's birthday! 

That's us at Rodeo Houston 2012
That lucky duck went to the casino on Saturday and won $350!! She is SO taking me shopping soon. 

I spent all last week stuck in the house, sick sick sick. When Saturday finally rolled around I was barely feeling alive again so my DH drug me out of the house. The in laws watched the monsters little darlings for a bit while we did some shopping. We are currently looking for a replacement wedding band for my husband since he LOST his. I will tell you that story soon, promise.

Anyhow, I decided to treat myself to a little something too.

Pardon my jacked up photo!
I rarely buy anything for myself, but I've decided it's time to change that. I thought  a little Victoria's Secret shopping would be a great way to kick things off! The lotion, body wash and fragrance mist pictured is Pure Seduction. Holy WOW, it smells SO good!

The Hubs & I even had a little lunch date! Much needed and very nice.

So Sunday morning I was feeling almost like myself again and I decided I'd better do something productive while the feeling lasted. I settled on boring ol chores. I was cleaning my room like a good little girl and listening to the radio to help make it bearable. You guys are NEVER going to believe this..

One of the local country radio stations, The New 93Q, is giving away tickets to the Brothers of the Sun Tour with these two Hottie McHotties as headliners:

Hottie McHottie 1 & Hottie McHottie 2

Guess who WON 2 tickets to the show? THIS GIRL! Holy Crap y'all, it's a damn miracle to even get through to the radio station, let alone be the 9th caller (in this case) and WIN! BUT I DID WIN, and I'm doing a happy dance all the way to the show!!! 

Has anyone ever won tickets to a concert from a radio station before? I just wonder if they seats are going to be AMAZING or lackluster.

So like I said, it's been a good (and lucky!) weekend for me! What did you do this weekend? Did Friday the 13th bring you luck or the opposite? Or was it just another day?

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