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Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Kids Don't Play With Guns

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Our kids don't play with guns. Not water guns, not Nerf guns, not pretend battle weapon guns. My husband and I never sat down when our kids were little and said "hey, the kids aren't going to play with guns"  but we've also just never said "hey, let's go get the kids some toy guns!" 

Today while at my in laws house my youngest, my boy, found a water gun in the sandbox. He came running to  his Daddy showing him what he'd found. He proceeded to hold the gun properly making "Psshahaaa" noises (don't ask me, I dunno!) and pretending to shoot the gun, at least that is what it looked like. We were really surprised considering he'd never seen anything like that. It must be a boy thing right? Anyway, my father in law was in pure disbelief that our kids, especially our boy, didn't have ANY guns at home!! He just couldn't believe it! 

Now I played with toy guns when I was a kid. There were plenty of squirt guns and I"m fairly certain I remember a holster set with a 6 shooter and those paper cap things. We, as their PARENTS, just don't feel as though our kids need them. When James found the gun today, we didn't take it away. We let him play with it because it's We just don't want it to be a part of his, nor Addison's every day play. We have a hard enough time keeping them from hitting, kicking, pushing, and biting each other! The last thing we need are darts flying through the air at their heads!

So what's the big deal? We don't let our kids play with guns, SO WHAT? We don't think it's appropriate for children to run around pretending to shoot each other (or really shooting each other in the case of the Nerf guns). I don't think that is so crazy. They are small children and they don't understand that REAL guns hold REAL danger. Maybe when they are a little older I might feel differently. At this point, I don't feel like they are missing anything. 

So what's your take on kids playing with toy guns? Do you allow your children to play with them? Do you deliberately buy them for your children? Am I depriving my children of a childhood right to play 'Cops & Robbers' or 'Cowboys & Indians'? 

My little dude after a few hours with the water hose, sand box AND squirt gun!

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  1. I felt that way until my boy started picked up everything he found and pretending it was a gun. I didn't see the point after that. We have guns in the home and gun safety starts young. Are kids are 109% aware of the difference between the toy guns and the real thing.

  2. I totally get where you are coming from and I think once my kiddos get a little older our viewpoints will change a bit, but for now, I'm content with them just not having them at all :)

  3. You've been nominated for a blog award! Seriously. Not a joke. Click the link to get the details.

  4. I did not buy toy guns for my children when they were little and they turned out just fine.

    I teacher pre kindergarten and I will testify that the boys will use ANYTHING as a gun. I encourage them to use their imagination and turn that piece of bread they gnawed into a gun shape into a race car, etc. It's crazy.
    I guess they are born with it.

    Congratulations on your blog award

  5. Congratulations on your blog award.

    I did not have toy guns in my house with the kids were little and they have turned out just fine.

  6. Thank you Patti!!

    I appreciate your feedback. I wasn't too happy about being made to feel guilty that I didn't have guns for my children to play with. I know that at some point they will use their imaginations to create them if they choose and that is fine. For now, we'll stick to cars, dolls and blocks. :)

    Thanks for the comment!


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