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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Blog Award?! Me!?

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That was my reaction when I realized Lindsay wasn't pulling my chain when she commented that she'd nominated me for a blog award! Thanks Lindsay!

Needless to say I'm feeling super special right now because this is my FIRST blog award EVER. I've been blogging for a good bit now, but this blog is still very new and it feels great to be awarded!

Now, I'd like to share the love and nominate a few well deserving bloggers:

Don't be confused, nominees! 

Now, 5 random facts about ME :) 

  1. I take ridiculously  long showers. We're talking 45 minute minimum.
  2. I broke my front teeth when I was 11,  mere hours before my mom went into labor with my brother.
  3. I used to write poetry in Jr. High. Some of it even got published!
  4. I am the World's.Biggest.Procrastinator.
  5. I have always dreamed of being a barrel racer!

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  1. Thanks, Lacey!! I'm honored. Can't wait to spread the love! :)

  2. Thank you! That is awesome and so thoughtful. Plus your blog design makes me so happy!

  3. My Dad's family was such a horse family, we had our own mini rodeo. I can remember standing on the slats of the arena, watching my favorite aunt race around the was Awesome!

  4. @Bobbie you are SO welcome! I love reading your blog, you always make me laugh! Plus, I totally know how it feels to burn my finger prints off with a glue gun ;)

  5. @Michelle, that is SO cool!! My 1st pet ever was a horse, but I haven't had one since. I'm dreaming of a horse ranch in my future :)

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for the blog award!! :)

  7. Hey L.C.! Thanks for stopping by :) I was reading your 5 random things yesterday and I meant to say hi, but it looks like I forgot! So, Hi!

  8. I'm lame and still haven't done this. :( sorry!!! It's on my to do list, though. I've been so crazy busy lately.


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