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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Mom Really Wants This Mother's Day

So, Mother's Day is only a few days away (go tell your guys so you can watch them panic!) and everyone is wondering what to get for their Mama. There are lots of gift guides floating around in "Blog Land" and they are fantastic! There really are a lot of great ideas out there and trust me I have a "lust list" of items that I'd love to get for Mother's Day myself. However, I have a list of things that I'd really like for Mother's Day; stuff that won't break or get worn out, doesn't cost a lot, and will put a real smile on my face. I'm here to tell y'all what Mom really wants for Mother's Day!

Mom wants to sleep in! Give Mom a break this Sunday and let her catch some extra ZZZZ's. Even if she is like me and typically can't sleep past sunrise set her up with a nice book, movie, whatever and let her relax in bed for an extra hour. 

Mom wants to eat! After working hard at sleeping in all morning Mom is going to wake up hungry; Feed her! You can make breakfast yourself or pick something up - as long as it is something she favors - she'll be happy. Promise. 

Mom wants to poop! ALONE! Yea, y'all, I went there. Mom had a big breakfast, her tummy hurts, give her some privacy! Dads - keep the kids out of the bathroom and don't let them scream at the door for her either. She'll come out less bloated and relaxed. Win-Win for everyone!

Mom wants y'all to shut the h*ll up! For the love of all things Holy, can you please just control your urge to argue, bicker, fight, scream, call each other names, etc., etc., for like, 5 MINUTES? That'd be cool if you could. (This one is directed to all of you lovely children!)

Mom wants to enjoy her family! Really y'all, all Mom wants is to enjoy her family. Whatever this means to you and yours, that's what you should do. Maybe you gift a fresh bouquet of flowers and go on a picnic in the park. Maybe it's a nice dinner out or to a movie. All Mom wants is to have a peaceful day where everyone is super extra nice to her. 

Moms, am I right?!

What are you doing for your Mom this Mother's Day?

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  1. I would really like to sleep but mostly.. for everyone else to sleep.. for a long time at the SAME TIME! :)

  2. You are right! Let me lock myself in the bedroom and NAP ALL DAY.


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