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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Selfie Sunday

A few days ago I decided to clean out Addison's Leap Pad; She plays with it a lot, recording videos and taking pictures. The Leap Pad has all these cool features where you can decorate your pictures with accessories or just color on them. Addison is kind of obsessed with doing that.

One thing I didn't know is that Addison has apparently mastered the selfie! As I was looking through the photos I extracted from her leap pad, I couldn't help but giggle. This little girl likes taking pictures of herself, a lot!

There were so many random photos of her on her leap pad; I just loved these where she is making funny faces. Addison and I are known for taking pictures with funny faces. This girl is a beautiful mess!

My girl is on the verge of making a duck face; don't worry I'm going to have a talk with her about that! She looks so grown up in that picture and I don't like it one bit. Also, I'm not sure what is up with the picture of her eyes closed tight but I thought it was cute.

I'm cool with her having fun taking self portraits on her leap pad but I'm thankful she doesn't have access to the internet! I'm definitely not ready for that!

Do your kiddos like to take selfies too? 
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