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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring in Texas

Spring is definitely here - the sun is shining a little more each day, it's no longer freezing cold out, and my entire house is sneezing and sniffling non stop. My favorite season has always been Fall but I have to tell you guys - this year Spring is giving Fall a run for it's money.

Every year around this time Texas is blessed by a sea of wild flowers. Blues, reds, and purples have folks breaking their necks to get a second look. It's a long standing tradition for a lot of us Texans to take photos in the wild flowers every Spring. This is something I've always wanted to do but for one reason or another it had never happened. Until this past weekend!

My sweetie indulged me and drove us the hour and half to Bryan, Texas to my Aunt's place where she has wild flowers that take your breath away. I was so excited and grateful that he was willing to do that - and I didn't even have to twist his arm!

We got some beautiful photos thanks to my Aunt! I took some of them, but without her help I wouldn't have gotten any pictures of our whole family or of just the two of us. I'm so grateful for the photos and memories made and I wanted to share a few with y'all. We will definitely be making Spring wild flower pictures a family tradition!


Do you have any Spring traditions?

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  1. Seriously these pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful family in a beautiful surrounding.
    I was in Warrenton last weekend and took tons of pictures myself of all the bluebonnets and wildflowers.

  2. I'm in Texas too :) These pictures are adorable, now I have the urge to go find a field somewhere and get pics with my kiddos.


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