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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Stay Connected in Spite of Technology

Alright, let's be honest: we are all guilty of spending too much time with our electronics. You, me, your spouse, your neighbor - all of us. Oddly enough, I can remember when I didn't even have a cell phone or a computer. I can also remember when I thought it was absolutely insane to have internet access on your phone. Who the heck needs INTERNET on their phone?!?! ..oh, that'd be me. 

It's really easy to stay wrapped up in all of the technology we have access to these days: we can stay in touch with our friends, work from anywhere, watch funny videos, and listen to the latest music - among other things. Hell, if I didn't have my phone I probably wouldn't know what time it is, what the weather was like, or what I'm supposed to be doing on any given day.

With all of that said - sometimes you just have to put down the gadgets. Connect with the people who are there in front of you. Difficult at first, maybe, but setting a few boundaries will certainly help! 

These suggestions may not work for everyone but implementing just one is sure to make a big difference!

Schedule time with your friends and family - device free. 
No more coffee or play dates with your gal pals where everyone is glued to their phones. Look up at each other and have a real conversation. 

No phones/iPods etc., at the dinner table. 
This is huge in our house. No phones at the dinner table and no answering of the phone while we're at the table (unless it's an emergency.) Our kids aren't old enough for that other stuff so we don't have to worry about that. Yet.

Set time limits. 
I firmly believe in setting time limits for electronics. Our kids are only allowed so much time on their leap pads, in front of the t.v., etc. Now Chris and I don't set limits for each other when it comes to our devices. However, we will both speak up if we feel like the other is "lost in technology." 

If you can, just turn it off.
Hey - that device needs a break anyway. Turn it off! Whenever we have the chance we just power our phones off. This gives us 100% uninterrupted time with one another. It's nice to not have the phone ringing, text alerts going off, or facebook notifications chiming.

I think the most important thing you can do to stay connected in spite of technology is to take a step back. Technology is a wonderful thing and it typically makes our lives so much easier. However, every once in awhile you should put the phone down and look around at the big picture. Which connections are the most important?
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