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Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Cure A Sun Burn

A sun burn is something that some of us worry about year round, but we are especially concerned during the summer. In the hotter months we all tend to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beauty that is nature; unfortunately we often forget to prevent ourselves from the pain of a sun burn. While there is no cure for a sun burn, there are plenty of sun burn treatments and remedies.  If you follow the guidelines I have outlined for you below then you are sure to find some sun burn relief!

1.       Take a cool bath:
a. Add a heaping tablespoon of baking soda to a cool bath. Soak in the bath for only 15-20 minutes and then air dry. You can also substitute the baking soda with a ½ - 1 Cup of oatmeal. This helps to balance out your alkaline/PH levels and supports healing.
2.       Use Aloe Vera:
a. Applying aloe vera gel to your sunburn 5-6 times a day really eases the sting of a sun burn. You can use aloe vera gel straight from the plant or you can purchase it at the store.
3.       Apply a cold compress:
a. Usually I just get a washcloth, wet it with cool water and apply it to the sun burn.
4.       Stay hydrated:
a. When you get a sun burn your skin is very dehydrated. Drink a lot of water to promote the healing of your skin.
5.       Take an OTC Pain Reliever:
a. Taking an OTH pain medicine should help to relieve some of your discomfort. Just follow the instructions on the label.

The best treatment for a sun burn is prevention! Remember to wear sunscreen when you go outside – and one application isn’t enough! You have to reapply your sunscreen typically every 80 minutes. Save yourself the misery of a sun burn and enjoy your summer!

Take it from me, the girl who forgot to wear sunscreen at the beach two weeks ago.

My back is still peeling. *yuck*

Do you have any remedies for treating a sun burn? Share them with me on facebook

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  1. I got a bit of sunburn at schlitterbahn yesterday. I guess the water washed off my sunscreen. :(

  2. While smearing on the sun block, I missed a spot on the back of my shoulder and then sat in the sun to watch the 4th of July wasn't a bad sunburn, but I did appreciate my aloe vera!


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