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Friday, July 19, 2013

Find Your Perfect Fit! #JOCKEYbra

This is a sponsored post; I received free product as part of a promotional program with Jockey and MomSelect but all opinions are my own.

It’s happened to me a dozen times. I decide to go in for a bra fitting because I’m way overdue for a new one and the “certified bra fitter” tells me I’m a DD (or some other crazy size that I know I’m not). I give her the side eye, say “Thank you” and “No, I don’t need you to help me pick out the perfect bra,” and then I make a beeline for the exit.

I’m willing to bet that this has happened to you. What’s a woman to do? Wearing the wrong size really sucks if we’re being totally honest here – wires poking into your skin, boobage (that’s boob cleavage, FYI) coming out the bottom, top, or sides of your bra. Obviously it doesn’t fit and it sure as heck isn’t comfortable. You could spend two hours in the fitting room of your favorite department store trying on every bra ever made. You might even find one that feels perfect – only to get it home and by day 3 your new perfect bra now feels like a torture chamber!

LADIES – take a deep breath and relax! I’ve got the answer for you! You need a Jockey Fit Kit! The Jockey fit kit is the first and only system that measures the volume of your breasts. We’re not talking tape measures anymore! This is huge.

So the fit kit comes with 10 different fit cups, a measuring tape, a nifty wash bag to wash (and protect) your unmentionables in, oh and a $20 off coupon code for your Jockey bra purchase! You find the fit cup that best fits your breast (instructions included with your kit on how to do this – even a diagram!); the cups are sized #1 - #10.  Once you find the best fitting cup, you will measure around your rib cage. That’s it – you’ve just found your perfect fit!

I really loved my experience with the fit kit. It was so easy to use and understand – I even took it over to my Mom’s house so she could give it a try! There is one thing that I really love about having this fit kit; bra size tends to change especially with weight loss or gain. If you’ve got the Jockey Fit Kit at home you can get the perfect fit at any time. No running out to the mall to get a “complimentary fitting” that is way off base.

I also made a video about the fit kit on Instagram! Check it out! 

You can learn even more about Jockey and their new Fit Kit measuring system on their website.  While you are there, browse through and look at all of their beautiful bras. I’ll be writing a review on my “close to custom” bra soon!
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  1. I keep hearing so much about the Jockey bra's, and would love to try. I am just hesitant about buying the fitting kit. Is it worth the investment?

    1. Hey Kate! I totally understand your hesitation - but YES! The fit kit is awesome - I"ve been wearing my new bra (that I used after using the fit kit) for about a week and it fits perfectly. I'm really pleased with it! Plus, when you buy the fit kit, which is right at $20, you get $20 off your bra purchase!


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